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202LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNagribusiness and social housing. As the public authorities know, the State of Cameroon needs more space than ever to carry out its many infra- structure projects, such as hydroelectric dams, main roads, social housing and much more. Something to know about: the reminder is from the Minister for Lands, Survey and State Property, the abolition of land titles for the local residents along the Chad- Cameroon pipeline has enabled a 9-billion CFAF saving. MINDCAF also recommends the compute- rization of land documents in order to avoid the resurgence of violations of state land ownership. The guiding principle thus remains securing.Therefore, after the operation aimed at the digiti- zation of nearly 120,000 land titles by the end of 2015, another project was to be carried out on the computerization of the cadastral maps of the cities of Yaoundé, Douala, Garoua and Maroua, Etc. In the meantime, the intensification of land reserves across the ten regions of Cameroon remains a priority for the Government.CONTRIBUTION TO THE CONSTRUCTION OF SOCIAL HOUSINGAs part of the execution of the program for social housing construction in Cameroon, MINDCAF remains a key pillar. Indeed, through its tasks, the Ministry intervenes upstream, by making availa- ble pieces of land to accommodate the various social housing projects.It must be remembered that the issue of social housing in Cameroon remains a constant concern for the public authorities. In order to remedy the problem therefore, the Head of State undertook, within the framework of the MajorAchievement Programme, to improve the living conditions of the population, in particular through the construction of social housing.This strong policy orientation has been adopted by the government through the implementation of important reforms aiming at improving the legisla- tive, institutional and regulatory frameworks of the housing sector on the one hand, and the imple- mentation of an emergency measure for the construction of 10 thousand homes and the deve- lopment of 50 thousand building plots on the other hand. While the implementation of this important programme is managed by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development in recent years, actions carried out in this context require synergies with other Ministries and State Administrations.As has been said, MINDCAF, as the Department responsible for the elaboration and implementation of the Government's policy on state, cadastral and land matters, has among other tasks, that of consti- tuting and controlling land reserves - in collaboration with the Ministry in charge of Housing and Urban Development and the civils services concerned. MINDCAF therefore is involved in the implementa- tion of the upstream construction programme of social housing for the provision sites free of charge.For example, for the 10 thousand social housing units, MINDCAF provided about 60 hectares of land in Olembé by Yaoundé, and Mbanga- Bakoko by Douala.With regard to the development of 50,000 buil- ding plots, 1104 plots have been developed in Douala and Yaoundé; an agreement had been signed to do this in January 2013 between MINDCAF and the Engineers.The Ministry putting back a state-of-the-art material with the aim of the optimization of the yield

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