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DEVELOPMENTP.O.Box : 1248 - YaoundeTel. (237) 222 22 31 13 (237) 222 22 21 02 Fax. (237) AND RURAL LAND DEVELOPMENT AND EQUIPMENT AUTHORITY – MAETURThe Urban and Rural Land Development and Equipment Authority (MAETUR) is a major partner in Cameroon’s battle against shortage in public housing. MAETUR is a key player for urban development as well...CONTROLLED URBANIZATIONThe quick and irreversible urbanization of Cameroon has as consequence the deterioration of urbanLandscape caused by the illegal and sponta- neous occupation land, non-compliance of construction, health and safety standards. This a result of difficulties by Cameroonians to acquire pieces of land in the major cities, and inade- quate urban planning.A key urban player since nearly 40 years, MAE- TUR undertakes development and equipping actions of new spaces for housing conditions, besides restructuring spontaneous settlements. The voluntary strategy of intervention has impro- ved the housing conditions of millions ofCameroonians and harmonious urban develop- ment in some expansion areas such as Yaoundé South-west and Douala North.Gently, MAETUR is imprinting its mark in the urban landscape. Its achievements include theNew Centre of Yaoundé, a New Administrative Centre in Etoudi, the development of the surroun- dings of the Nsimalen Motorway, not to mention the development of 20 to 25% of the urban fabric of the two major cities, Yaoundé and Douala, and ten medium-sized cities.A KNOW-HOW FOR A BROAD TARGETThe Urban and Rural Land Development and Equipment Authority acts as:LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNDevelopment estate in Bonamoussadi, Douala

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