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205• Land Agencies: Legal and physical acquisition- security of pieces of land;• Firm of engineering consultants: Project mana- gement and delegated contracting;• Developer: Land development works and provi- sion of plots (plots for residential, agricultural and industrial purposes), and this through the creation of new areas or restructuring/renovation urban areas.MAETUR has succeeded, through several types of partnerships in put its know-how at the disposal of:A view of the development estate in Makepen The State;n Decentralized local authorities; n Public and parastatal agencies; n Natural or legal persons;n Customary communities.TOWARDS FAR-REACHING PROGRAMMESIn view of relaunching the mass production of social housing, a major ambition for the coming years, MAETUR has reorganized itself to assume its role in:• Participating in the reflection on tax and land policies, besides funding social housing;• Contributing in an efficient urban planning allo- wing land-use control;• Providing built-up land legally and in terms of servicing.It is therefore strongly involved in far-reaching pro- grammes such as:• Yaoundé Grand South (1000 ha); • Douala South-west (2000 ha);• A Government Emergency Programme of 50,000 plots and 10, 000 social houses;• The development of the surroundings of the Nsimalen Motorway and resettlement sites of people evicted alongside the said motorway;• The experimental production programme of houses accessible to the low-income households nDevelopment work at the Nkondom housing estateLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN

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