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206ADMINISTRATIONP.O.Box : 718 - YaoundéTél. (237) 222 22 27 28 Fax. (237) 222 23 17 59www.feicom.cmLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNCOUNCIL SUPPORT FUND – FEICOMThe Council Support Fund (FEICOM) was created in December 1974, and remains for over 40 years the State’s main tool for local development and decentralization...A DEVELOPMENT TOOL FOR THE COUNCILSCouncil Support Fund (FEICOM) works hand in hand with the Authorities in their activities towards the Local Decentralized Authorities to accomplish various missions including: Mutual assistance between municipalities through soli- darity contributions and cash advances; The fun- ding of municipal or inter-municipal capital works; The raising of cooperation resources; The centralization and redistribution of Additional Municipal Taxes (CAC) and other Municipal Taxes Submitted to Equalization (ICSP); The coverage of costs relating to the training of coun- cil staff and registry staff; The paying back of the Decentralization General Endowment.FEICOM’s interventions are underpinned by three core values reflected in its code of ethics and shared by its staff: work, quality of service and customer care. Represented in the ten regions of Cameroon, the institution is on a per- formance and progress dynamic following as a restructuring process in 2005. It is certified to the version 2008 ISO 9001 since 2009, in the areas of Education, Consultancy Operations to Local Councillors, Fund Raising, Design, Funding and Project Monitoring of local deve- lopment. The certificate was recently renewed, reasserting the organization’s taking root in the quality approach that promotes efficiency in order to satisfy at best their customers, the Mayors to be specific.In 2012, the United Nations awarded her UN-Habitat Scroll of Honour prize, the most prestigious UN’s award in the field of Human Settlements, in recognition of its contribution, with the councils to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG). Owing to its method of operation, the body appears as a tool of solidarity, a lever for the raising of additional resources and a tool for the promotion of governance.A TOOL FOR SOLIDARITYThe Constitution states that Cameroon is a decentralized unitary State and provides that “the State shall ensure the development of all the Local Decentralized Authorities on the basis of national solidarity, regional potentials and interregional balance”. The laws on decentrali- zation carry on this principle and even more strengthen it, for they speak of “harmonious and balanced development of the Communities”. These legal provisions provide guidance for FEICOM’s missions.The 374 municipalities in Cameroon, there- fore, are eligible for FEICOM’s funding. The body has implemented various tools adapted to their specificities. These tools set, among others, the type of interventions, access condi- tions and funding thresholds, as well as the payment terms. This includes the following: the FEICOM’s Action Code (CIF, which defines the structure of funding depending on the type of project and determines the body responsible for awarding financial assistance); The Program for Low Income Councils Assistance (PACARF)meant for the Councils which receive less than 50 million FCFA of annual equaliza- tion resources or whose administrative account is under 150 million FCFA. It is required from the said communities only 15% of the project cost, which represents their own contribution. The contribution can be provided by FEICOM as a loan when the Council is unable to mobi- lize it. Then, there is the FEICOM Support Framework for Councils’ International Actions (CAFAIC). Designed to assist the municipal movement in its international expansion, it spe- cifies the procedure for granting funding for Councils’ activities in the field of cooperation. The Special Framework of Investment for the Urban Councils and High Potential Councils

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