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FILINGConsidered an “institutional notary” ARMP cen- tralizes the whole documentation generated by the system, and therefore plays the role of a document library and dedicated database. The system establishes the documents held by ARMP as those prevailing in case of a challenging of procedures by an aggrieved tenderer, at hando- ver or implementation. ; hence the vast project underway at the Agency, namely, the digitaliza- tion of archives for a sound preservation of records.SYSTEM COMPUTERIZATIONManual management of hard documents and of procurement procedures was in the past, a source for the underperformance of the system. The dematerialization of procedures is therefore a major concern for the ARMP. Thus the imple- mentation of PRIDESOFT app aims at specifically addressing the need to have not only a platform of collection, storage, analysis, but also of sha- ring data on Public Procurement.PROVIDING ACTORS INFORMATIONWith over 35 000 visitors per monthThe ARMP’s website ( saw its activities offi- cially launched June 23, 2014; it has over 35,000 visitors a month and has become the first institutional website in Cameroon and records an attendance of many net surfers from about a hun- dred countries. You’ll therein find an electronic version of “The Public Procurement Magazine”, which advertises for bid solicitations and award of contracts;A ceremony of signature books exchange between the ARMP and CONAC“Analysis Reports”, “The Facilitation Documents”(DAO-Type) and the sections on “denunciations and appeals” not to mention “the forum” and “FAQ” (Frequently Asked Questions).GOVERNANCEThe ARMP is assuredly a pillar of governance owing to the tasks confided to her. Responsible for issuing non-exclusion of public procurement Certificates, she therefore takes part in a shortlis- ting of candidates to the execution of services. It is also the agency that keeps and updates the database of excluded corporates from public control on the Web site.The categorization process of service providers in the Public Building and Works Sector (BTP), in progress, also falls within the logic of the rationalization of expenditure. As such, the Agency maintains ongoing collaboration with other institutions responsible for the protection of the public wealth.RADIATIONConsistently present at international meetings for regulatory bodies, the ARMP always participates actively through the quality of its representatives and the nature of their interventions during the various workshops. Many African regulatory bodies come to learn from the Cameroonian experience in the field. They frequently receive visiting missions of experts from the World Bank, the African Development Bank (AfDB), the French Development Agency (AFD) ... on multilateral interest issues nLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN209

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