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216LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNMAIZEMaize production totalled 2,062,952 tons in 2014, up 5.9% compared to 2013. The specu- lation benefited from available 8,920 tons of nuclear seeds for seed growers, 12,214 tons of basic seeds and 952.3 tons of composite seeds for maize growers. Furthermore, 8,346 ha of seed fields and 1,504 ha of plantations were developed, and 30 tons of hybrid seeds were distributed.PADDY RICEPaddy rice production experienced a 5.9 % increase to reach 201,090 tons in 2014. Regarding lowlands rice, 251 tons of certified seeds were produced, 249 ha of seed fields developed, 90 hectares of lowlands established and 20 warehouses built. As for rainfed rice, the Project for rainfed rice development allowed to produce and distribute 361 kg of pre-basic seeds, 2,236 tons of basic seeds and 7.7 tons of certified seeds. The project trained and raised 12,274 producers’ awareness of the rice pro- duction techniques, management principles and financial education, as well.ROOTS AND TUBERSIn 2014, cassava production stood at 4,600,707 tons, up 2.2% compared to 2013. The support to producers continued for greater suitability of farming techniques. Furthermore, 50 ha of cassava fields were set up.Potato production remained virtually stable com- pared to 2013. However, projects and pro- grammes had enable to acquire 200 tons ofThe cotton production increased of 14,3 %basic seed, produce and distribute 225 tons of quality seeds, to create 100 ha of plantations and train 1,758 farmers in technological itinera- ries for intensive production.BANANAS, FRUITS AND VEGETABLESIn 2014, the production of plantain increased by 3.1% and that of banana by 7.3%. The plan- tain sector stimulus program helped to produce and distribute 1 650 000 plants, to develop 15 hectares of seed fields and 1,167 ha of plantation.Sector development equally implies modernizing the equipment

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