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Ministry of Agriculture and Rural DevelopmentThe Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is responsible for the development, implementation and assessment of Government's policy in the field Agriculture and rural development ...AMBITIOUS OBJECTIVESBy virtue of the duties entrusted to her, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MINADER) has objectives of the utmost importance to achieve and contribute, within its jurisdiction, to Cameroon’s march towards Emergence which is projected by 2035. Objectives include:n Ensuring national food security;n Ensuring the country’s supply in foreigncurrency;n Contribute to meeting the neighbouring coun- tries’ food requirements;n Contributing to youth employment; n Consolidating stability and peacein the country.Achieving these objectives therefore requires the fulfillment of the tasks entrusted to MINADER, which are available at agricultural level and rural development, as well. Thus, we have:IN TERMS OF AGRICULTURE• Preparation, planning and implementation of government’s programmes relating to agriculture and rural development;• Preparation of regulations and standards, monitoring of their application;• Monitoring and protection of different agricultural sectors; Plant health and plant protection acts;• Designing the strategies and methods to guarantee security and self-sufficiency, in addition with their implementation;• Identification and promotion of new agricultural export products;• Collection, production and analysis of agricul- tural statistics;• Dissemination of information and advice unto producers;• Coordination of the management in agricultural crisis situations;• Monitoring of agricultural professional organi- zations, as well as and the Promotion Investments, medium and large-sized farms in the agricultural sector;• Agricultural and cooperative teaching, control of agricultural and cooperative teaching, control of private agricultural teaching in collaboration with the Ministry of Vocational training;RURAL DEVELOPMENT• Supervision of the peasants, agricultural exten- sion and promotion of rural engineering;• Participation in the planning of programmes for the improvement of life environment in the coun- tryside, in conjunction with the relevant Ministries;• Monitoring in the achievement of programmes for the improvement of life environment in rural milieu.• Promotion of Community Development;As part of its duties, the Ministry of Agricultureand Rural Developmentexcels through fruitful actions. Among other things, it therefore gets down to:• Facilitate the access to healthy and good qua- lity planting material; and the acquisition of ferti- lizers and pesticides at affordable prices;• Lead the communities to a renewed interest to rural activities;• Enhance interest rates in the sector. CAMEROON, AN AGRICULTURAL POWERCameroon’s agricultural assets are numerous and the sector represents with many respects a promi- sing niche, an area where investors are almost sure to consistently achieve good business. > > >LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN219

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