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221• Soil fertility;• Qualified, available and competitive human resources; and a competitive local, sub-regional and regional market;• Adoption of sectoral development strategies. POLITICAL WILLRegarding the political will to promote workforce that is young people as human resources, it is illustrated by numerous actions carried out consis- tently including:• Promotion of agricultural entrepreneurship for young people;• Promotion of competitiveness for an internal and external market control;• Social stability and peace, conducive to the development and blooming of the population and investment;• Assertive political will;• Determination to open up the production areas;• Promotion of exchange platforms for operators in the agricultural sector;• Improvement of the living conditions of players in rural areas.SOME YOUTH SPECIFIC PROGRAMSIn a continuing effort to promote the youth and act against unemployment, the Cameroonian government has developed, with assistance from development partners, many specific programs for that purpose. We have for instance the AFOP Project (Renovation and Vocational Training Development Support Project for the Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries sectors); PEA-Young, which aims at Promoting Agro-pastoral Enterprises; PAIJA (Support Programme for the set- ting up of Young Farmers in Cameroon).AFOP PROJECTThe project aims at ensuring the producers trai- ning and primary training of young people plan- ning to get in agriculture; at providing support for the setting up to young farmers. The support gran- ted the beneficiaries therefore include training and funding of young people establishing in far- ming. Potential beneficiaries of AFOP Project include:n Young people;n Agricultural producers;n Village communities;n Agricultural, pastoral and fisheries training centres.Programmes offered by the centres and schools, monitoring and support provided by the C2D- AFOP program help prepare learners to the management of viable family farms. To date, training institutions, public and private alike, under support by AFOP have already trained 4,896 young people, including 3,662 farm operators (FSLC holder or equivalent) and 1,234 agro-pastoral entrepreneurs and advisers.We should therefore pick out that agricultural and pastoral training in Cameroon is now taught through conventional centres and schools renova- ted by the C2D-AFOP program. After two years of diligent training, learners from renovated schools and centres receive diplomas correspon- ding to occupational categories according to the standard required from each of them at the beginning of training:n Farm operator (EA), FSLC level at least;n Agro-pastoral Entrepreneur (EAP), GCE Alevel;n Agro-pastoral Adviser (CAP), GCE A level;n Senior Technician in infrastructures, rural equipment and water management (TSIERGE), GCE A level.PEA-YOUTHThe major objective here is development-focussed.It is about promoting young agro-pastoral and proand capable of generating jobs. According to>>>A cocoa nursery at AfanloumLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN

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