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222LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNfigures by MINADER, 5,040 companies including 30% are run by women, are established and will create at least 20 160 direct jobs by 2021. Other data from the same source indicate that at least 65% of companies are functional three years after their creation, 3,276 companies bring in a 50% increase at least of their gross margin.PAIJA PROGRAMThe Support Programme for Young Farmers set- ting up (PAIJA) in Cameroon targets many goals, which consist in:• Contributing to the rejuvenation and moderni- zation of farms, and the reduction of youth unem- ployment, as well;• Getting the young people insured and invol- ving them in modern and efficient production sys- tems;• Inserting the new farms in a promising socio- economic fabric, in terms of services rendered and outlets for the products;• Promoting the emergence of "Agricultural Development Centres" in high production areas.We should make it clear, the program is essen- tially made up of two chapters:SUPPORT OF YOUNG FARMERS ON THEIR OWN LAND AREAThis chapter is implemented through the Divisional Delegations of Agriculture and Rural Development, which select young farmers’ group projects to be submitted for the program funding. Two youth pro-jects are retained by the Department and funded up to 1 million francs by the project, that is about 116 youth projects funded annually under the program.SETTING UP THE YOUNG FARMERSIN AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT CENTRESThe operation here is on sites developed by the State. 10 sites are operational; this concerns Wassandé in the Adamawa, Nlobesse in the South, Ikiliwindi in the South-West, Obis in the Centre and Gnibou in the West, with its annex at Fossong; Ellele-Kobi in the East, Ndotto in the Littoral, Etoko in the South-West and Ngyen-Mbo in the North-West.By mid-2016, nearly 262 young people were set up there, producing according to the agro- ecological zone of cocoa, plantain, maize, soy- beans, Arabica coffee, oil palm.In future years, the program intends to:n Open new sites;n Recruit new youth;n Open access roads for the sites;n Secure the existing sites;n Build the capacity of young farmers. Are also envisaged:n The creation of new agricultural centres in all regions of the country;n The setting up of 6 000 young farmers on 30 sites developed by the State;-n A support granted the young graduates from MINADER’s training school.The departments of MINADER in Yaounde

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