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AGRO-INDUSTRYP.O Box 64- Douala Tel. : (237) 233 375 Email : cte@ctetea.com226LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNCAMEROON TEA ESTATESThe Cameroon Tea Estates is an agro-industrial company dedicated to the production and marketing of tea. Its head office and Executive Management are located in Bota-Limbe and Douala respectively...A PROCESS AT THELEADING EDGE OF PROGRESSIts activities which are spread over four tea far- ming units nationwide cover three administrative Regions: Tole Tea Estates in Tole (Buea) in the South-West; Djuttitsa Tea Estates in Djuttitsa (Dschang) in the West and Ndu Tea Estates in Ndu (Kumbo) in the North-West. The company's activities revolve round three pillars: tea leaves production, their processing into finished pro- ducts, and marketing.Regarding green leaves production, the seed- lings and cuttings are placed in a nursery. After a year of maturation, they are planted in the fields. When the leaves have reached the matu- rity required, they are picked and transported to the factory for processing.The process includes 5 steps. First the withering. To start, the daily production of leaves has to be weighed, cleaned and spread over racks where it spends a period of time to rest. The rest period does not exceed 24 hours and allows the tea leaves to begin a process of biochemical trans- formation. The leaves are dried overnight by means of large wind tunnels.Then comes the step of rolling. The tea is placed in a machine which rotates horizontally on a tray. While rolling, the leaves are broken, for the next step: the fermentation. After rolling, the leaves are spread in a “fermentation room” at about 26°C, which will cause their oxidization. Afterward should come the drying, grading and packaging, in turn.STORAGE AND MARKETINGAfter packaging, the products are transported in stores for storage pending marketing. It should be noted that each tea farm unit has a dedicated store. However, part of the production is forwar-ded to the shops in Douala and Bota (Limbe) for delivery to some wholesalers lacking the neces- sary logistics for in situ removal.TRADEMARK AND SALES LABELS• The Red Loose Tea (loose tea) is packaged in 40kg or 20kg polypropylene bags doubled with microperforated polyetilene.• The Tea bags (or infusettes) are packaged in 2- gramme bags. The bags themselves are contai- ned in small boxes of 25 bags for the Tole tea bags and 25 bags for CTE tea bags. Each 2.4- kg pack has 48 boxes.• The Red Label and Blue Label are packaged in boxes having 100 bags of 100 grammes each,100 bags of 50 grammes, and 100 bags of 25 grammes. Their packs weigh 10 kg, 7.5kg and 2.5kg respectively.• Trademark is “Cameroon Tea Estate”. •Label:«CTE» nMr Dagobert Boumal, CEO

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