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AGRO-INDUSTRYP.O Box 64- DoualaTel. : (237) 333 375 577 Fax. : (237) 333 375 576www.nhtetea.comE-mail : ndawaratea@yahoo.comNDAWARA HIGHLAND TEA ESTATEThe Ndawara Highland Tea Estate (NHTE) is an agribusiness dedicated to the production and marketing of tea; head office and Executive Management are in Bamenda and Douala respectively...ONE BUSINESS WITH THREE PILLARSThe company's activities revolve round three pil- lars: production of tea leaves, their transformation into finished products and marketing. Regarding production, seedlings and cuttings are placed in nurseries. After a year of maturation, they are planted in the fields. When the leaves reach required maturity, they are picked and transpor- ted to the factory to initiate the transformation phase, which includes 5 steps. First withering. The daily production of the leaves is weighed, cleaned and spread over racks where it spends a rest period not exceeding 24 hours for the leaf to begin a process of biochemical trans- formation. The leaves are dried during a night through large wind tunnels. The process takes 12 to 17 hours.Next is rolling. The tea is placed in a machine which rotates horizontally on a tray. During rol- ling, the leaves are broken, what leads to third step: Fermentation. After rolling, the leaves are spread in a“fermentation room” at about 26°C, which will cause their oxidization. During the 2 to 3 hours of oxidization, the leaf gradually develops a cop- pery colour.Drying, then grading and packaging are the fol- lowing steps. After drying, a calibrator grades the leaves according to their size or grade. Depending on the sieve mesh used, one can obtain various grades: Broken (broken leaves), Fannings (crushed leaves) and Dust (dust, pieces of the finer leaves). Finally, the production is packaged depending on customer needs.STORAGE AND MARKETINGAfter packaging, the products are transported in stores for storage pending marketing. Part of theproduction is forwarded to Douala and Bota (Limbe) for delivery to wholesalers who do not have necessary logistics for in situ removal.TRADEMARK AND SALES LABELNdawara Highland Tea Estate is marketing the following products:Trademark and sales label used to market the productions:• The Red Loose Tea (loose tea) is packaged in 40kg or 20kg polypropylene bags doubled with microperforated polyetilene.• The Tea bags (or infusettes) are packaged in 2-gramme bags. The bags themselves are contained in small boxes of 25 bags for SILVER and 25 bags for YELLOW. Each 2.4-kg pack has 48 boxes.• Trademark is “NDAWARA HIGHLAND TEA ESTATE”• Label: “NHTE” nA few products on the marketLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN227

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