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AGRICULTUREPHP - SBM COMPAGNIE FRUITIEREOriginally, Compagnie Fruitière came to being in 1939. From the beginning, the company has developed a new form of trade with Africa, based on economic solidarity of various trades in the banana sector; Today, it controls all the sectors of the industry ...P.O Box 05 – NjombeTel. : (237) 233 42 06 00 Fax:(237)233436922www.phpcam.comCompagnie Fruitière, which was exclusively a commercial enterprise in the first part of its exis- tence has branched out over time its activities into the fields of production, transport and import- export. In 1992, it opened in its capital to the multinational company Dole (the world leading company in production and marketing of fresh fruits). Now, Compagnie Fruitière masters all the sectors of the industry from production of plant material to the fruit market.OUR ACTIVITIESThe Group has developed two poles of activity, the first one, historically in Cameroon in the Mungo region, the second in the Cote d’Ivoire, which has increased in 1997 by acquiring the SCB. The Company has 19,000 people on its payroll of the two locations.In collaboration with Dole, Compagnie Fruitière markets its products from Cameroon to supermar- kets and wholesalers. Sales network has expan- ded to the whole of the European Community witha particular development in France, Germany and especially in Great Britain. The Group is also present in the countries of Eastern Europe: Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Poland. Beyond the European market, the Company is actively wor- king to get into the North African markets inclu- ding Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Morocco. The constant desire to meet the growing demands of consumers led to the conclusion of partnership with some European supermarkets chains, urging the plantations to respect a quality charter and a growing ethical production.A SOCIALLY AWARE ENTERPRISECompagnie Fruitière applies for its employees higher working conditions in comparison to the local regulations and those of the International Labour Organization. It pays particular attention to providing a healthy environment for its employees with full access to medical care; the implementation of preventive health programmes, since it has a 130-bed hospital, 20 dispensaries and maternity hospitals, as well as the creation of school facilities. Regular contact with the consu- mer allows Company Fruitière to select future varieties with the organoleptic qualities expected by the latter.THE 14001 CONSUMER PROTECTIONTo formalize and ensure the recognition of its continuous efforts in respect of the working condi- tions and living environment of its employees and the protection of the environment as well, Compagnie Fruitière started in 1999 a certifica- tion process to ISO 14001 standard, leading to a regularly renewed certification in 2001. Furthermore, to ensure consumers’ safety, the PHP group obtained in December 2004, the ISO 14001 and EUREPGAP certification, attesting compliance with good agricultural and environ- mental practices nUne des nombreuses bananneraie du groupeLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN229

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