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SODECOTONCotton Development CompanyRegistered office: Garoua. Such. (237) 222 27 10 80 Email: sodecoton@sodecoton.cmYaoundé delegation: Fax (237) 243 20 19 72 Douala branch: 233424603M. Jean Abata Edi’iChairman of the Board of DirectorsH.E. Paul BiyaPresident of the RepublicA SOLID ALLY FOR EMERGENCESet up in 1974, SODECOTON is positioned as the leading player for development in the northern part of Cameroon. For the 2014-2015 agricultural season, the company led by ABDOU NAMBA has succeeded reaching the level 295 461 tons, the second highest record of the company after that of 2005 which is 300,000 tons, and consi- dered the Cameroonian record ever. The north flagship agribusiness, SODECOTON, has several production sites including 9 ginning factories and two oil factories across the northern regions and remains a source of job creation. SODECOTON to date has 4,644 permanent and seasonal staffs on its payroll for a production capability of 130,000 tons of cotton fibre, 13.61 million litres of refined oil and 50,812 tons of cattle feed. SODECOTON has been the leading cotton company in Africa in terms of yield per hectare and quality of the fibre in 2014/215 and the 5th largest company in terms of production in Africa. There is reason to celebrate, especially for its tur- nover of 118 billion CFA francs for the 2014-2015 cotton season.MISSIONSSODECOTON is commissioned to develop the cotton industry, build the capacities of family farmers, develop family farming and boost the development of the northern regions, as well. The company with public-owned majority shareholdings is anxious to assist producers in order to boost cotton and food production in Cameroon. It distributes agricultural inputs to cotton farmers for output improvement. In an attempt to ensure the best possible cot- ton exploitation conditions in remote areas, SODECOTON has already created more than 2,400 km of tracks and annually maintains 7,000 km of rural roads.SHORT AND MEDIUM-TERM GOALSwith the emergence of Cameroon coming up by 2035, SODECOTON is targeting the pro- duction of 600,000 tons of high-quality seed cotton by 2025. Hence the determination of the government’s authorities to join force in order to increase the cotton national pro- duction and local processing and take advantage of international trade opportunities of cotton, national and regional trade in textile products, cattle feed and the creation of jobs indispensable to reducing unemployment in Cameroon.PERFORMANCES212,930 farmers over 209,930 hectares were supervised during the 2014/2015 cam- paign; Seed cotton production increased by 34% on 2013. On the other hand, cotton fibre production remained strong. The train is actually running, to another performance, expec- ted at 254,650 tons of seed cotton for the 2015/2016 season. Since 2013, SODECO- TON-CNPCC entities in partnership with the Ministry of Economy Planning and Regional Development distributed around 50 tractors to major producers with the aim of intensi- fying and mechanizing agriculture in that part of the country. The effects of growing cotton are also seen in its contribution to the monetization of the rural areas, and largely to food safety in the growing areas of that plant, often showing a cereal shortage.

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