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232LIBELLESPRODUCTIONS1er Sem2014na- 3802722.19-na1er Sem2015 VARIATIONS (%)(b/a) (d/c)na- 16.8 -nc 495 30.1 30.1299 12.7 9.72.3 -58.3 11.511 -5.0 30.2-na - -nc2011(a)2 356 Logs 575Sawn timbers 531Plywood panels 11Veneering 312012(b)2 316 51954412232013(c)2 351 61751912201 9322014(d)2 747 8035855196 475Productions and exports in forestry sector (in thousands of m3)LogsEXPORTSLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNSpecial products (in tons) 872 1 543WILDLIFE MANAGEMENTIn 2014, wildlife revenues collected were estima- ted at 930 million, down by 6% on 2013. The decrease is due to insecurity and cross-border poaching. Several “lightning raids” jointly organi- zed with the Ministry of Defence enabled to seize weapons and ammunitions, cargoes of smoked game, a few elephant trophies including ivory tusks and tails, and destroy some illegal gold miners and poachers’ camps.ENVIRONMENT AND NATURE CONSERVATIONActions for environmental protection continued through fight against desertification, various pollu- tions, nuisance and harmful chemicals. As part of the fight against desertification and climate change, the “Green Sahel operation” is in progress in the northern areas and the fruit of which is the reafforestation of 2,500 ha with 300,000 treesSources: DGD, MINFOF, na= non available, nc= non calculatedAlso, 18,000 improved stoves were distributed so as to reduce the consumption in firewood. The layout of the right bank of the Benue River watershed had as result to protect 37.5 ha where they planted 15,000 plants to hold 14 km of river bank steady. Besides, within the framework of the fight against water hyacinth and other invasive aquatic plants, three sites were restored, increasing therefore their number to 12. As for the fight against pollutions, nui- sance and harmful and/or dangerous chemi- cals, one should point out that the inspections to industrial and commercial facilities and technical support to the municipalities in urban cleaning up have been going on; out of the 656 struc- tures that were inspected, 263 received fines. Fines recoveries totaled 147 million, up 31.3% on 2013. In addition, 356 tons of non-compliant plastic packaging were seized.Revenues from logging are up by 21,2 %

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