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WASTE MANAGEMENT: AN URBAN MINE!These global targets known as "Sustainable Development Goals" are part of the new Post- 2015 Development Agenda entitled "Transforming Our World: A vision that specifi- cally challenges the MINEPDED.On another level, answering the Call of Lima, Cameroon has committed to reduce by 32% its greenhouse gas emissions by 2035 by reference to 2010 level, with the support of the International Community. To do this, 7 guidelines were retained with 47 actions in the Agriculture, Fisheries, and Farming & Forest sectors on the one hand, and, secondly, in the sectors of Waste-Energy.Speaking of waste, 2016 was the year of the holding of the first national conference on waste in Cameroon. The country, based on these mee- tings held in April in Yaoundé, wanted to make waste management an important part in its economic development. There were talks to establish a platform for dialogue, awareness for efficient waste management. This is seen in the theme of talks: Waste management: towards a circular economy".The circular economy, needless to say, refers to a concept that is part of sustainable development and whose objective is to produce goods and services while limiting the consumption and waste of raw materials. The April 2016 meeting aimed at different objectives:o Making a critical assessment of waste mana- gement at the national level;o Defining the roles and responsibilities of diffe- rent actors involved in waste management;o Identifying through exchange of experiences,adapted mechanisms for better waste mana- gement in order to achieve Sustainable Development Goals;o Strengthening the capacity of stakeholders through efficient appropriation of legal and institutional instruments in this field;o Identifying eco-innovative and promising pro- jects that can contribute to the development of a circular economy;o Igniting national momentum around wealth related to waste management;o Developing consensus on axis, priority actions and action plans or blueprints that can be used for the revision of the National Waste Management Strategy for integrated management.The potential of Cameroon in this niche is not negligible. According to national statistics, the country produces over 6 million tons of solid waste and more than two million tons of house- hold waste per year. According to data from the National Statistics Institute, only 40% of urban households use public trash cans to dispose of their household waste.Therefore, over 60% of wastes are found mixed and thrown into nature without treatment. Yet, more than 80% of solid and liquid waste is recyclable, and 65% of businesses and indivi- duals are not aware of the treatment processes adapted to the nature of their waste. So there is thus a niche that MINEPDED can help potential investors to sustainably exploit nThe services of the Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation and Sustainable Development in YaoundéLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN235

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