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240PIGSIn 2014, pig population is estimated at 3.2 mil- lion head, up 3.2% compared to 2013. The increase is inherent, among others, to the intensification of fight against African swine fever, and provisioning of high-performance piglets for producer groups in the Regions of the West, Centre, Littoral, North-West and South, following the import and installation in 2013 by the PACA of 73 major parent stocks (purebred porcine sires) in the livestock station of Kounden. Besides, 70 producers were trained on the structure of pig farms, and a large number of producers’ organi- zations received support by ACEFA, PACA and Agropoles programmes and projects.Despite the setting up in 2014 of a mobile pig abattoir in Yaounde, pig meat production decreased by about 20% compared to 2013. The downward trend is linked to the high cost of investment, to the youth of elements after the mass slaughters observedin 2012 following the resurgence of African swine fever and flooding that affected farms in the Far-North.In 2015, pig production would have returned to increase. Indeed, in the first half of the ongoing year, the quantities of meat produced stands at 23 168 tons, corresponding to 1.6 times its level in the same period last year.POULTRYThe herd grew by 2.2% in 2014 to stand at 74.3 million head. The quantities of meat produ- ced were up 6.2%. These changes can be explained by the increased in the production of broiler with the support of projects and programs such as ACEFA, PACA and agropoles; the acqui- sition of 300 improved henhouses for a better environment of the poultry on behalf of producers’ organizations for the promotion of backyard poultry production; the training of 232 women in technical production of village chickens in Yaounde, Ngaoundere, Bertoua, Garoua and Maroua.There’s need to keep on improving health coverageThe renewal of genetic equipment and health protection intensification continued. In the first half of 2015 and year on year, the production of poultry meat increased by 28.2% to stand at 79,358 tons.OTHER LIVESTOCK PRODUCTSIn 2014, egg production increased by 8.8% compared to 2013, particularly because of actions taken under the agropoles programme. On the other hand, milk production fell by 43.4% to stand at 139,341 tons due to insecurity at the borders.LIBELLESCattleSheepGoatsPigsPoulty20132014VARIATIONS (IN %)(c/a) (d/b)8,7 11,33,3 172,2-1,7 72,33,2 -20,02,2 6,2Nbre of heads (a)5 805 2972 952 6246 298 0593 112 97372 758 691Tons of meat Nbre of heads (b) (c)92 163 6 310 3584 715 3 050 06114 706 6 190 99235 180 3 212 588119 053 74 336 054Tons of meat (d) 102 572 12 833 25 341 28 150126 378Evolution of livestock and quantities of meat from slaughteringLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNSource : MINEPIA

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