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REARINGSOCIETE DE DEVELOPPEMENT ET D’EXPLOITATION DES PRODUCTIONS ANIMALESThe Animal Products Development and Exploitation Corporation (SODEPA) was created in March 1974. It has since become an essential tool for food security and traceability of meat as well as for food self- sufficiency in Cameroon ...P.O. Box 1410 YaoundéTel. (237) 222 20 08 10 Fax. (237) 222 20 08 09www.sodepa.cmE mail : courrier@sodepa.cmIt takes care at the national scale of the produc- tion of fresh meat products for household consumption and by-products through the mana- gement of ranches, slaughterhouses and but- cher’s shops.VISION, GOALS AND TASKSSODEPA contributes to animal protein intake in quantity and quality at reasonable cost for the consumer in Cameroon. Active for over forty years, it has a livestock of about 17,000 head of cattle. Its main responsibilities are: to organize and coordinate outreach activities for the improvement of traditional rearing; to supervise and manage the abattoirs in Yaoundé and Douala; to manage the ranches in Ndokayo, Faro and Dumbo/Jakiri; to implement the “Meat Plan” under the coordination of the Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries (MINEPIA).AS TO GOALS, SODEPA AIMS AT:Acquiring, establishing, managing, operating and developing livestock breeding businesses; producing agricultural goods necessary for ani- mal husbandry, processing and preserving ani- mal productions from slaughterhouses, cold stores and packaging workshops for consumer pro- ducts, and industry;• Marketing raw and processed beef, as well as livestock by-products; and managing the national heritage areas of agricultural development;• Helping and supervising technically the farm operators, livestock producers and meat retailers;• Performing any commercial or industrial trans- actions related to beef business;• Renting, buying, selling all buildings and lands; creating industrial and commercial related to animal production;• Performing all transactions relating directly or indirectly to beef business or likely to encourage the development of livestock.DEVELOPMENT OF FARMING BUSINESSRoughly speaking, SODEPA is commissioned to ensure the promotion, operation and development of all livestock businesses and production of agricul- tural seeds needed for rearing. The corporation is also responsible for setting up the operational struc- tures of intervention, creating pastoral vocations among the population and to provide economic operators with: high productivity spawners for meat and milk; animal seeds and embryos for artificial insemination; added value forage species seeds for animal nutrition; slaughterhouses; butcher’s.A development company, SODEPA has a land holding of approximately 383,233 hectares. On the practical front, it has a few operational units to carry out its missions: ranches, agricultural development areas and slaughterhouses. >>>Mr. Denis Koulagna Koutou, Managing DirectorLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN243

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