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244LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNAs for the ranches, they mainly include: The Ranch of Faro (Adamawa), 60,000 ha; the Ranch of Ndokayo (East), 144,000 ha; the Ranch of Dumbo (North-West), 38,000 ha; the Jakiri Breeding Pit (North West), 600 ha.Besides, within the framework of the implementa- tion of the Meat Plan, Decree N0 74/412 of 24 April 1974 had determined national areas of agricultural development. The areas of Dibi, Tourningal and Djohong (Adamawa), sectors of Tadu and Tugi (North-West) are granted the SODEPA for operations of development, mento- ring and professional organization of producers.MODERN SLAUGHTERThe company can also boast about its modern slaughterhouses, which are beef sheep and swine production units. SODEPA has two industrial slaugh- terhouses: at Etoudi, Yaoundé (Centre), which has a capacity of 400 cattle, 200 sheep and goats and 100 pigs per day; and that of Bonendale- Douala (Littoral), with a capacity of 200 cattle, 200 sheep and goats and 100 pigs per day. Not to mention some mobile slaughterhouses for pigs and small ruminants recently received.In addition, the butcher’s of the slaughterhouse of Etoudi-Yaounde and Bonendale-Douala are ope- rational and used to sell retail meat. The said but- cher’s have all modern amenities and necessary elements of working environment for the butcher. The safety and health rules help to provide peo- ple with healthy and quality meat. Under the control of MINEPIA, SODEPA is considering the setting up pilot butcher’s in compliance with health and food safety standards as part of a partnership with the municipalities. One should point out that the slaughterhouses in Yaounde and Douala have trucks to convey carcasses in good hygienic conditions. The concern is to make avai- lable quality meat for the population, which is an important source of proteins for a good diet.The Jakiri Breeding PitA slaughterhouse is not limited to the role of slaughtering. There is equally within a service whose role is the development of products other than meat including: bone and blood meal; chicken and beef meat meal.OUTLOOK: INCREASE OFFERAs a company under supervision by the MINEPIA, SODEPA’s role is to ensure the availability of ani- mal proteins in Cameroon. Unless a strong action is taken to increase the supply by 2018, meat defi- cit will exceed 134,000 tons. To resolve the issue, SODEPA has undertaken activities to make availa- ble animal proteins for the populations from quality beef, under the Three-Year Emergency Plan for Growth Speed up (PLANUT) and through the deve- lopment of animal industries programme:• The setting up of industrial slaughterhouses in Ngaoundere, Douala and Bamenda;• The setting up of control butcher’s shops and cold stores in keeping with recommended standards;• The setting up of a biotechnology centre for the production of bovine seeds and embryos;• The development of cattle/meat farms; as well as animal feed;• The contribution of milk production in development;• The development of livestock infrastructure;• The popularization and training of economic players and entrepreneurs in the animal husban- dry sector and processing of livestock products.The implementation of these activities will create numerous jobs for the youth and inspire a new generation of economic operators. These are so many good results recorded by SODEPA, which distinguishes itself more than ever as a significant player in Cameroon’s battle for sustainable growth in the country's march towards the Emergence expected by 2035 n

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