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245IndustryINTRODUCTIONAt the continental level, Cameroon is now one of the leading figures of African economy and an economic leader in central Africa. With a good basis for industrial development, Cameroon is mainly characterized by the diversification of its productive base: agribusiness, timber, oil and petrochemicals, cotton, rubber, building mate- rials, metallurgy, manufacturing, various industrial services etc. The dynamism of its entrepreneurs is the most important driver that consolidates this position and allows the country to be solidly grounded for the future.In 2014, the Manufacturing Sector was conti- nuing to expand. Its growth rate was 6.8 % against 5.7% in 2013. This growth is driven by «extractive industries»,"construction", and "electri- city, gas and water." In the first half 2015, mining activity was on a good foot according to SNH, as well as construction owing to new cement plants.INCENTIVE INSTITUTIONAL FRAMEWORKThe key factor for sustained, strong and sustaina- ble growth is investment-based on industrial pro- cessing, technology and innovation.It is to achieve this goal, namely to attract private investment adapted to challenges of globaliza- tion and whose role will now be key that the pro- visions of the new institutional landscape, embo- died in the Charter of investments - object the law of 220/004 of 19th April 2004, amended and supplemented by Law No. 2004/020 of 22 July 2004 – provide organizational mechanisms and incentive provisions that seek to significantly prop up the Cameroon industrial sector both in term of quantity and quality towards a true indus- trial change, with strong economy , social and cultural benefits. Thus, the Cameroon charter includes in particular• Institutions supervision of markets and the management of competition;• Incentives management institutions;• Promotional institutions and private initiative;• infrastructures acquisition and appropriation of scientific and technological knowledge;• Innovative principles of taxation of investments and businesses;• Principles of organization of the financial system.LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN

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