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Crude oil production increased by 13.2%those of private sector players to increase the rate of investment in the industrial sector, enhance growth and the competitiveness of manufacturing companies to diversify industrial production, increase manufacturing value added and increase the share of manufacturing exports, including non-traditional exports.INDUSTRIAL SECTORSMINING INDUSTRIESIn 2014, the growth of extractive industries stood at 13.7% against 8.7% in 2013. This evolution is mainly due to the hydrocarbons which grew by 13.9% over the period under scrutiny.MinesIn 2014, Cameroon had 6500 authorizations for traditional mining. To improve local proces- sing of mining production, eight metal merging units and stone cut were set up.The Permanent National Secretariat of the Kimberley Process certified 3 621.2 carats of rough diamonds against 2 420.3 in 2013.This rise is attributable to improvement of Control in production areas and airports. Certified dia- monds were exported for a value of 294.8 mil- lion allowing the State to raise 37.3 million for taxes and exit fees.In 2014, production of gold was formally valued at 257.4 kg. The Framework to support and pro- mote traditional mining enabled to draw off 36.6 kg of gold from traditional mining companies representing approximately 15% of total produc- tion, organize and promote the development of traditional mining, supervise and oversee the negotiation of the terms of contracts between natio- nal and technical and financial partners, identify and map 115 traditional mining sites, channel 14.1 kg of gold in the formal circuit. The technical and administrative checks from 69 operators iden- tified the following offenses: non-compliance in production reports in relation to actual production; non-restoration after mining; operating outside authorized areas; absence in some cases of part- nership contracts with local traditional miners; use of forbidden chemicals in particular, mercury and arsenic for the treatment of concentrates.The implementation of the project for capacity building in the mining sector continued through the training of leaders and senior officers of MIN- MIDT to the technology of geographical map- ping and to negotiating mining agreements.In the first half 2015, the government signed 194 mining permits. A total of 1939.95 dia- mond carats were certified and exported for CFA 111.9 million and allowed the State to raise 46.6 million for taxes and exit fees.HYDROCARBONSCrude oilIn 2014, crude oil production was 27.5 million barrels against 24.3 million in 2013, an increase of 13.2% due to the launch of produc- tion fields of Padouk and Mvia and increased production of Dissoni field. It stood at 16.4 mil- lion barrels in the first half of 2015.Natural gasIn 2014, gas production totaled 10.8 billion cubic feet against 5.4 billion in 2013. This increase is explained by the growing demand of the Kribi gas power plant. In the first half of 2015, production was 7.1 billion cubic feet.HEADINGProductionCchange (en %)201023, 31-12,62011 2012 201321,16 22,5 24,31er Sem2014 201527,5 16,4Crude Oil Production (millions of barrels)-7,3 3,5 8,0 13,2Source : SHN, * estimatesLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN247

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