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248MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIESManufacturing industries include food industries and other manufacturing industries. In 2014, the value added of "Manufacturing industries" increa- sed by 4.2% after 3.6% in 2013.This increase is mainly due to the strong activity in the food industry where the value added rose to 5.2% against 3.7% in 2013. Growth of ÔÇťOther manufacturing industries" was 3.6%.In the food industry, the branches that supported the growth of the subsector include: "Grains work " (+1.3 point) with a flour production up 8.4 %; the "beverage industries" (+1.3 point) where the production of beer and soft drinks grew by 5.8%; "manufacture of cereal products" (+1.1 point) where feed production grew by 40.9%.Natural gas production up to more than 7 billion cubic feetIn other manufacturing industries, growth was dri- ven by "wood, except furniture industries" (+1.5 point) where the production of plywood increa- sed by 6.9% and 'textile industries and garment "(+ 1,1point) with a production of fabrics increa- sed by 21.2% in terms of kilometers.In the first quarter of 2015 and year on year, the value added of "other manufacturing industries" increased by 6.6% and the "agribusiness" by 2.6%.CHEMICAL INDUSTRYChemical Industry is still underdeveloped, many products being imported as fertilizer or sim- ply packaged on site (varnishes, glues, paints, detergents).LIBELLESSecondary sectorMining industriesincluding hydrocarbon extractionManufacturing industriesincluding food industryOther ManufacturingElectricity, gas and water(1)2497.7402.6383.61698623.11074.978.2(2)2667.4457.7436.71767.7655.7111486.5353.6(3) (4)647 694111.1 124.5106 118.6434.7 457.2158.9 163275.8 294.221.5 22.879.7 89.5Evolution of GDP in the secondary sector (in billions)1st Quarter 1st Quarter2013 2014 2014 2015VARIATIONS (%)(2/1) (4/3)6.8 7.313.7 12.113.9 11.94.2 5.25.2 2.63.6 6.610.6 6.210.8 12.3LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNConstruction 319Sources : INS, MINFI/DAE

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