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It consists of several companies specialized in the pro- duction, distribution and representation of internatio- nally renowned brands. Fokou Group is headed by aPresident and CEO, surrounded by a team of skilled workers of nationals and non-nationals executives. The Group has undergone deep changes over the recent decade with the creation of new entities both in Cameroon and the Central African sub-region coun- tries.Therefore, the Group offers Cameroonian young execu- tives the possibility to undertake an international career by relocating with sister subsidiaries based in other countries. Its head office is in Yaoundé, the seat of the institutions and concurrently the political capitalof Cameroon; a regional branch is based in Douala.OPERATIONThe Group has diversified and experienced a strong expansion in the countries of the Central African Sub- region over the past decade with a settlement in Chad, Gabon, Congo, etc. This policy for expansion is a major objective the Group is striving towards to come closer to their consumers and customers. Thus, FOKOU Group has several representatives including: SOFAVINC, New FOODS, SOFAMAC, SMALTO,An ISO 9001:2008 certified company, SMALTO pro- duces and represents paints of an international standard. SMALTO is on three activities. The range of SMALTO paint is now in all major construction projects in the building industry in Cameroon and combines competence and technicality.SMALTO is the R-M and ROBERLO bodywork supplier appointed to represent reliable and high-perfor- mance products recognized in the international market. In the field of marine and anti-corrosive paint, SMALTO manufactures and distributesINTERNATIONAL PAINT by AKZO NOBEL Group. Strongly set up in Cameroon and headquartered in the Bassa industrial area in Douala, products distri- buted by SMALTO meet your quality requirements.OUR BUILDING INDUSTRY PRODUCTSACRYLTOP paint: façade paint approved by Bureau Veritas, Good covering capacity, anti-foam pro- tection, excellent weather resistance, washable. ACRYLUX indoor/outdoor paint: high-performance acrylic flat paints for inside and outside, good covering capacity, anti-mould protection, excellent resistance to washing, and good level of application.BODYWORKR-M paints: motor car paint approved for MER- CEDES, PEUGEOT, etc.: paint of world-class forluxury cars. Synthetic paint SYNTHE AUTO: alkyd- based solvent-borne gloss lacquer; it is for all applications needing a one-pack fast drying top- coat and weather resistance: fast drying. Very good water resistance, easy to cover, good film hardness and good application flow.Roberlo pain is a range of international products continuously innovating and a continuous improve- ment of products and manufacturing methods, and permanent anxiety for environmental soundness.INDUSTRYINTERNATIONAL PAINT products by AKZO NOBLE Group: a leading brand worldwide in marine and anticorrosive paint requested in all major pro- jects with high-performance and quality require- ment: qualified products.With state-of-art equipment, and relying on experienced and well-trained human resources, NEW FOODS Co locally manufactures and markets innovative and high-quality products. The development of NEW FOODS Co relies on three core values in the light of which all their decisions are taken, to wit:•Respect for people; •Environmental soundness; •Customer satisfaction.Headquartered in Yaoundé, the factory and manage- ment of NEW FOODS Co are based in the industrial zone of Bonaberi.NEW FOODS CONSISTS OF:•7 manufacturing units, all based in Cameroon;•12 brand names of food products including the manufac- ture: chocolate, confectionery, stock cube, butter and many other products for the satisfaction of our custo- mers and consumers.Anxious to get closer to the customers and consumers, four regional representations are open respectively in:•Douala, for the Littoral and South-West;•Yaoundé, for the Centre, East and South; •Bafoussam, for the West and North-West; •Nagoundere, for the Adamawa, North and Far-North.Besides, our products are distributed in the entire Central African region.New Foods Co is a local production for sub-regional distribution, with a view of satisfying all socio-profes- sional categories.

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