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Set up in 1993, SOFAMAC is a company specialized in manufacturing construction materials and industrial plastics meant for household use. Because of the diver- sity in her activities, she is structured into 5 sections, which are:• Injection;• Extrusion;• Steel wire;• Aluminium sheet; • Steel plate;This diversification of production activities reflects the broadness in her range, which includes more than 300 (three hundred) items. Throughout its 22 years oFThe ‘Société de fabrication des vins du Cameroun’ came to being in 1993. It is located in the industrial of Nsam, Yaoundé. A company of the primary sector, SOFAVINC is specialized in the production of wines and representation of internationally renowned whiskies. As time goes by, it has diversified in its business, having to supply with qua- lity products at highly competitive prices not only the domestic market but also the Central African Sub-region. Holding a leading position in its sector, the company has a payroll of about 200 spread over the national territory, including executives hired locally and internationally. It actively contributes towards the fight against unemploy- ment in our country. In SOFAVINC priority is placed on meeting the needs of their consumers and customers by developing local shop.MISSIONSIn order to effectively contribute to fighting unemploy- ment, its recruitment policy targets first Cameroonian young graduates to offer them work experience so as to better filter into the economic and social fabric. Thus, it employs 200 people throughout the national territory. Consequently, a permanent and increasing quest forcontinuous operation, SOFAMAC has been constantly inno- vating one’s offer by making available quality products for its customers in Cameroon and the Central African Sub-region. Thanks to her proven experience she holds a leading position in its field, hence the relevance of its slo- gan“ Quality makes us the reference ”HOUSEHOLD ITEMSWe offer housewives a quite varied range of plastic products. Buckets, plates, plastic dishes and basins, plastic and industrial basins, plastic chairs manufactu- red under conditions guaranteeing sustainable quality are available at fair prices. Through our packaging material manufacturing activity, we provide solution to the problem of supplying companies who operate in the area of refined oil and industrial liquid packaging. Our products come in many capacities of packaging: 1l, 5l, 10l, 20l, 25l and 30lsatisfaction of the needs of consumers and the answer to market demand is SOFAVINC’s priority. Conquering new markets is an important objective for us. That’s why we set up a distribution network to cover the national trian- gle, with branches in Douala, Yaoundé, Ngaoundéré, Bamenda, Bafoussam. By so doing, there is no hesitation exporting our products to neighbouring countries and achieve our growth objectives.REPUTATION AND IMAGEA subsidiary of FOKOU Group, SOFAVINC is recognized as the Cameroonian leader in its field of activity, notably the production of wines, whiskies and nectars. With more than 20 years of experience, their twentieth anniver- sary was celebrated a few years ago.PERFORMANCESpecialized in the production of red wine, whiskies and nectars, SOFAVINC is equipped with a manufacturing unit complying with the national and international standards recommended as regards production and environmental friendliness. With the latest generation machines, from the most innovative technologies, it keeps on providing one’s partners with products of superior quality and bet- ter quality-price ratio.Strongly represented in all regions of the country through its dynamic distribution network, our products are availa- ble throughout the national territory and even beyond ourCONSTRUCTION MATERIALSWe intervene at several stages of construction through a diversified high-quality range of products. Aluminium sheets, pre-laquered sheets and accessories, black flat sheets and welded tubes, plasterboard nails, barbed wires and chain link fencing, PVC pipes and links, orange jacket pipes, corrugated conduit pipes and elec- trical box... are as many products we make available for our customers.POLYETHYLENE (PE) PRESSURE HOSESWe are one of the pioneers of this technology in Cameroon. References we produce come in several packaging from 16 to 110. Be it for the water conveyance or optical fibre mains, we have several large projects carried out throughout the national territory to our credit. The laying of the optical fibre on the Bamenda- Batibo road and in the city of Yaoundé was with standar- dized POLYETHYLENE hoses and PVC pipes from our fac-borders. Always closer to our distributors and consu- mers, our partners are managed by a set of marketing people experienced in the tricks of the trade and concer- ned with the development and satisfaction of the latter.Within a context that has become highly competitive over the years, SOFAVINC remains the undisputed leader in its field of activity, for competition has enabled us to focus even more on our growth and development objectives.OUR PRODUCTSWinesWe offer to our consumers a large range of choices including the red, white and rosé wines, just to mention these few. We bottle our products under several packages from 75 cl to 20 litres. These products have proved their worth during popular festivities and in family with meals.LiqueursProud of its locally produced brands of whisky, SOFAVINC also represents brands that experience a phenomenal success internationally, to wit: GRANTS whisky from the Family William Grants and sons.NectarsThrough FRUTAS brand and its pineapple, orange, grapes, and apple, SOFAVINC offers a natural cool drink to all its consumers for their well-being.

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