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P.O.Box : 2130/1959 DoualaTel:(237)233394833 (237) 233 39 19 79Fax:(237)233390947INDUSTRY252LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNALPI GROUP S.P.AThe ALPI Group is an Italian industrial group managed by the 3rd generation of the ALPI family. The parent company is based in Italy and it employs close to 3,000 persons all over the world where it has business representations and industrial subsidiaries (Italy, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, and Tunisia)...The ALPI group began as a cabinetmaking com- pany that developed an innovative and revolutio- nary process on the reconstitution of veneer from Ayous and poplar. The group set up shop and expanded in Africa in the 70s in order to secure the supply of Ayous.THE ALPI GROUP IN CAMEROON:The Cameroonian subsidiary of the Italian group ALPI s.p.a, ALPICAM is an entirely private and family owned forestry and industrial company.Till date, the development of the company is based on the production of veneer and the current diversi- fication of activities (forest exploitation, production of plywood and sawing, log trade) is due to the desire to optimize resource management and to cope with the need to make supplies reliable.Today, after the 2008-2009 financial crises, acti- vity has been sustained once more and the ALPI- CAM Group that is witnessing growth now employs close to 2,000 persons.Established in Cameroon since 1975, the ALPI Group is made up of three companies:o ALPI PIETRO ET FILS CAMEROUN S.A.R.L. (ALPICAM)o La SOCIÉTÉ DES GRUMES DU CAMEROUN S.A. (GRUMCAM)o ALPICAM INDUSTRIES S.A.R.L. (ALPICAM Industries) A proactive strategy on certification, sustainablemanagement of forests and legality...The ALPICAM group has been involved in certifi- cation for several years now. It obtained in April 2009 the certificate of legality, OLB*** for all its forestry concessions under development and its transformation units at Kika, Mindourou and Douala in Cameroon.In July 2009, it obtained a traceability certificate, CoC FSC***. It is presently working towards attaining an FSC certification in the sustainable management of forests.The respect of legality and of the rights of both employees and the population close to its concerns is a reality that contributed in obtaining the certifications listed above.A WELL MASTERED SUPPLY CHAIN...In order to increase the volume of wood transfor- med as recommended by the supervisory body, the ALPICAM group, in order to supply in sufficient quantity and quality its major industrial outfit, has developed an important activity for the purchase of round wood from local suppliers in order to increase its production of transformed finished pro- ducts. This purchase process led the ALPICAM Group to develop a supplier selection system and to select only those who operate under legal condi- tions and not subjected to guarantee. The IT archi- tecture has also been modernized in order to ensure follow-up in real time of the various logs that fall within the transformation process of the group.PRODUCTION...Today, the ALPi Group is specialized in the produc- tion of natural veneer, recomposed and tainted wood veneer, plywood clip boards, and solid blocks.ALPICAM Factory, Douala

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