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STEEL IN A DIFFERENT WAY...Created in 2010, PROMETAL is a company constituted under Cameroonian law and set up in the industrial zone in Bassa, Douala. At PROMETAL, we are specialized in processing steel into finished and semi-finished products used in construction, public works and agriculture; we equally supply the local and sub-regional markets with ANOR and ISO 9001 quality certified products.PROMETAL, a State’s strategic partner on flagship projects makes a point of respecting its mission statement since it was created. With about 800 employees of which 95% local workers, we develop partnerships with a few Advanced Schools and Universities so as to popularize the trades of steel and metals.Besides, the inclusion of riparian populations and areas is a key element of our strategy. Therefore, from the supply of boreholes for the provision of drinking water, to recruitment at equal skills of young people resi- ding therein, and through the popularization of good manners on health, promotion of excellence, as well as the eventual renovation of a government school. Riparian populations in Oyack, Logbaba and Dibom benefit from multifaceted assistance and support from PROMETAL, for societal responsibility is a mainstay of our strategic development. We are aware of the fact that unless the quality of life of our residents would improve, our viability is not guaranteed.PROMETAL, is therefore a recognized player in the Cameroonian economic environment and intends, through a management turned towards continuous improvement, to always strive to do better, in order to satisfy the customers and partners.Magzi IZ – Bassa, P.O.Box 3061, Douala-CameroonTel : +237 233 37 85 85/95 Fax :+237 233 37 85 80 –

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