Page 255 - Atouts-Cameroun-2017
P. 255

BUILDING UPA STEELY FUTURESTEEL FOR REINFORCED CONCRETEn FeE500n FeE400n LAFRoundgirderMERCHANT BARSn Corner iron n girders (square – flat – round) n T girders n UAC n Decorativewroughtiron(square–flat–round)GIRDERSHEPWIRESBarbed wireLAF Trays of wire mesh (smooth – notched)TACKSPIPESn Squarepipes(LAC/LAF–Galvanized–Decorative)n Roundpipes(LAC/LAF–Galvanized–Decorative)n Rectangularpipes(LAC/LAF–Galvanized–Decorative)FLAT SHEETSn TPN (LAC – LAF – Aluminium – Pre-lacquered) n Ribbedsheetsn EmbossedsheetsSHEET METAL ROOFSn Corrugatedsheets(Aluminium–Pre-lacquered) n Profiledsheeting(Aluminium–Pre-lacquered) n Pre-lacqueredtilepanelsTOOLS THAT CULTIVATE YOUR FUTURETROPIC WHEELBARROWS MACHETESFILESSHOVELSnnIPEnIPE-AnUPNn nnGalvanized wireTROPIC PRO WHEELBARROWS

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