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257Entrance of the plant in Doualan 1.5 million tons of cement per yearn 1/3 of local demand managementn The ten regions of Cameroon coveredn Nearly 300 direct jobsn Several hundred indirect jobsn A majority of Cameroonians in top managementn A unit of fire-fighters to service the company and, where appropriate, the cityDuring 2016, a new plant, will be under construction in the Central region, on the outskirts of the capital Yaoundé. It will have the same capacity as the Douala plant and will ensure self- sufficient of quality cement to CameroonTHE DANGOTE CEM II 42.5 R “3X”IS APPROPRIATE FOR ALL BUILDING SITES IN CAMEROONThe Group’s ambition is to offer appreciated qua- lity products and services, to enhance the growth of Africa. Thus, DCC offers a high quality cement available to the market. Dangote Cement Cameroon produces only the best multi-purpose cement (grade 42.5 R) and puts it within reach of all Cameroonians, at an extremely competitive price. The Dangote CEM II 42.5 R is in effect:n An extra solid cementn An extra fast binding cementn An extra productive cement, hence its name "3X".With 3X cement 42.5 R of Dangote Cement Cameroon, each construction site and everyCameroonian can afford the best product for their building dreams.CONSTANT CONCERNTO PRESERVE THE ENVIRONMENTOne of the key concerns of Dangote is preserva- tion of the Environment. This is the reason why the rejection of polluting substances is by two points better than the minimum rate allowed by interna- tional standards.The machines involved in the manufacturing of Dangote Cement are designed to limit pollution by capturing all the dust and reintegrating it into the production process, approach welcomed by Cameroonian organizations in charge of monito- ring pollution issues.SUPPORT AND ACCOMPANIEMENTOF YOUTH AND LOCAL COMMUNITIESDCC is based on a true human capital, mostly youngsters. Youngsters of whom President Aliko Dangote said “the problem with young people today is their will to reach the top at the first leap, forgetting that this is not how it works. They must self-accomplish as individuals, and devote them- selves to what they do. I think that once they believe in what they do and take it as passion, then they will do better.” In fact, the Group uses many young people to whom it offers real oppor- tunity for social rise.Regarding relations with the communities and country of location, the engineer Abdulahi Baba, the Project Manager of the new cement plant Dangote Yaoundé is convinced that there is no prospect of development and success for any enterprise which does not maintain good rela- tions with the host communities. This is what explains why DCC responds favourably to the requests of many local communities, particularly in the context of cultural festivals like "Ngondo" and other community development projects.STRONG SOCIAL PHILOSOPHYPhilanthropy has always been the hallmark of Dangote Group and all areas of life are taken into account, thus :• President Aliko Dangote is committed irreversi- bly to the polio eradication• In Congo, USD 500,000 dollars were made available to victims of the explosion of the ammu- nition depot of Mpila• In Nigeria, naira 430 million were offered to flood victims and Kogi women• Many investments are made in African coun- tries for disadvantaged social strataConcerning this aspect, the outlook is also good and diversified for Cameroon nLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN

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