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259HandicraftINTRODUCTIONThe Cameroon handicraft is part of the small and medium business. It has the distinction of being the expression of the cultural wealth of the coun- try and the mark of an exceptional legacy from the past handed down from generation to gene- ration. Thus, Cameroon has nearly 35,000 arti- sans distributed in organizations, groups and associations. The umbrella organization of the sector is the National corps of Cameroon arti- sans and the craftsmanship is divided into several types of activities, including:n Wood carving;n Sculpture of bronze; n Ceramics work;n Leather work ...THE PRIMARYCOMPANY IN CAMEROONHandicraft is often rightly valued given the poten- tial it offers as “Cameroon primary company". It is an important element in the fight against unem- ployment and poverty. In addition, handicraft activities occupy a large segment of the female population, notably in rural areas.FINDINGThere is no need to dwell on the creative genius of Cameroon artisans. It is well admired in shop- ping malls, places in some major cities and even in some more or less remote parts of the world. Artisanal districts of Foumban, Maroua, Bamenda, Mbalmayo, and many other regions are illustrations that are self-highlighting. But, beyond the images, generous beauty and engi- neering, market realities across Africa and the World have somewhat adverse effects on this face beauty. Figures show that for bamboo and rattan market alone estimated at around CFA 3000 billion francs in the world, unfortunately, Cameroon has no share in this windfall. The gap is even greater, when considering the accumula- ted deficit by the fields of sculpture, textile, and many others that stubbornly remain traditional, despite modernization opportunities; a contradic- tion at odds with the purpose and significance of the handicraft industry in the traditional societies of the country.In order to allow the Cameroon handicrafts to be more competitive on the African market and conquer market share in the world market, the government has undertaken a series of actions of which the following are the main:LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN

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