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261A craft renowned for its richness and qualityPOSITION OF HANDICRAFTS IN THE ECONOMYCameroon is known for the richness and quality of its craftsmanship. The human and cultural diversity and the weight of traditions deeply influence the versatility of craftsmanship.Activities related to crafts generally fall under informal category. In the absence of figures, it is difficult to assess the weight it represents in the national economy.BRANCHES OF HANDICRAFT AND PRODUCTSHandicraft includes several types of activities across regions and traditions. We can thus distinguish:• The bronze work: this is the specialty of Bamoun country. The famous masks and statues are famous worldwide;• Leather work in the northern regions with larger centres in Garoua and Maroua. The much varied production (bags, belts, shoes, sandals, ottoman footstools etc ...) is sold in specialized markets or other markets;• Woodwork mostly practised in the West and Northwest. The main products are masks, sta- tues, signs and carved beds etc.;• Raffia and natural fibres in Central, South, West and Northwest;• Traditional clothing especially in the Far North, the West and Northwest.CITIES TRADITIONALLY ASSOCIATED WITH HANDICRAFTSAlthough handicraft is practiced throughout the national territory, some localities are unique in mastery of specific skills. The City of Maroua leads in leather and tanning; the City of Foumban in bronze and copper items; the cities of Bamenda and Bafoussam in wood carvings, plant fibres items (raffia), bamboo and traditional costumes.A VERY SPECIFIC KNOW HOWIn the handicraft area, a locality deserves special mention: Foumban, the capital of the Bamoun Kingdom in Western Region. In this historic city, artisans are specialized in the work of bronze and copper. Using the ancient technique based on wax they produce masks, statues, bracelets and hundreds of other objects exported or sold to tourists.Ancestral handicraft know-howLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN

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