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263TourismINTRODUCTIONExtended to more than 1200 kilometers from North to South, Cameroon is at the heart of the geographic areas of West, Central and Northern Africa. It has an extraordinarily contras- ting landscape alternating from high to low lands, a variety of climates and rather unusual landscapes and animal species.Cameroon's vegetation is a summary of that of Africa. There are forests, savannah and steppes in various forms, making Cameroon a genuine "concentrate of Africa", in a triangle of 475,000 km2 which leaves the visitor amazed. The fauna and flora are particularly rich with 409 different species of mammals, 143 of reptiles, 849 of birds and 190 of amphibians.Protected areas cover a total area of 4,551,990 hectares, including 7 national parks, 7 wildlife reserves, 27 hunting zones, 1 sanctuary and 3 zoological gardens.Despite this rich potential, the results of tourism in Cameroon remain to improve. According to Bloom Consulting Brand Ranking, Cameroon is ranked 25th in the World.Compared to the classification of 2014, the country gained three positions. The number of tourists rose from 912,000 in 2013-950 000, or an increase of 4.2%.TRAINING OF PLAYERSTo improve the quality of services offered in the tourism sector and to promote professionalism, training courses and seminars were organized for personnel of the Ministry of Tourism and pri- vate institutions.In this light workshops were organized, in a first place to raise awareness and to train on touristic culture respectively in Douala and Bafia in regions of Littoral and Centre and, in a second place, on the reception and processing of statistics on tourism in the Northwest region in Bamenda. Finally a semi- nar on welcoming, ethics and accommodating of tourists in the South West region was held in Buea.These seminars contributed to the increase of general or common interest in developing domes- tic tourism and building the capacity of actors of the sector to improve their service capabilities in tourism establishments: restaurants, hotels, and travel and guides agencies.LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN

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