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264LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNAfter all these activities, it became necessary to start thinking about the comprehensive reform of the vocational training system in tourism and leisure. It is in this perspective that a workshop was organized on 3th and 4th of February 2013 for Validation of Reference in the field of tourism education, hospita- lity, leisure and trade quality label and skills. The workshop which was the first phase of the Service Quality Improvement Strategy in Cameroon allowed all stakeholders in the sector to get together around a scientific approach, to lay the foundations for greater professionalization of identified trades.This ambitious project aims in the short, medium and long term, to provide material and tailored responses to the problems related to:• The quantitative and qualitative shortage of human resources trained in the fields of tourism, hospitality and leisure both in the public sector and in the private sector;• The extensive use of low-skilled, cheaper and often family labor;• The proliferation of private training structures characterized by quasi-unavailability of qualified and appropriate training, lack of adequate teaching equipment, or the lack of harmonized training standards.Ayaba Hotel in Bamenda in the North-West RegionINCREASING HOSTING CAPACITYAccording to the Business Survey conducted by MINFI in 2014 the number of overnight stays in hotels felt by 1.3% and the average rate of room occupancy increased by 2.4 points to stand at 59.2%. This is explained by the growing number of furnished apartments leased.The first half of 2015 year on year, the number of overnight stays decreased by 2.7% while the average room occupancy rose by 0.9 points and stand at 60,2 %. The operators of the sector had planned that in late 2015, the number of overnight stays would improve by 0.7% and average room occupancy increase by 0.8 points to stand at 60.1* In 2014, Cameroon had 605 hotels with a capacity of 16,208 rooms, 355 suites and 307 apartments; 392 restau- rants; 114 leisure establishments and 230 tourist agencies.In the first half 2015, the National Technical Committee on tourism establishments authorized the construction of 77 hotels and granted 81 permissions to open 43 hotels, 21 recreatio- nal facilities, 12 restoration facilities and 5 tourist agencies. It also granted four tourist guide amenities.

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