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MAIN CATEGORIES OF TOURISMThe richness of the tourism product is based on numerous attractions thanks to the diversity of tou- rism resources. Natural, human and cultural varieties combine to promote the practice of various forms of tourism all year round.SEASIDE TOURISMThe Littoral which is widely opened to the Atlantic with its 400 km of coastline is conducive for tourism on natural beaches of Kribi and Limbe, in mangroves and waterfalls that empty directly into the sea.REGIONS NBRE D’HOTELNumber of hotels by region and by category in 2014CATEGORY CAPACITY5* 4* 3* CE2* 1* NC CHAMB. SUITES APPCentre 119 1Littoral 113 03 63 190 50 50 40 10 30 30 11 87 55100020 66 2240 50131 60210 3304154 145 110WestNorth WestSud-OuestAdamaouaNorthFar NorthWestSouth98 048 037 019 035 061 024 051 009 24007 11032 21633 50201 2110 12 300713536634421820961036812416693116942211921620874 4441 4029 114 616 02 55 104 035 36355 307Total 605 1PHOTO SAFARI TOURISM AND HUNTINGSource: MINTOUL; NC = not rated; CE = exceptional classCameroon has seven national parks, the most famous and best-equipped being the Waza. These parks are rich in representative species of African wildlife: elephants, buffaloes, antelopes, hippos, gorillas etc. If hunting is prohibited in national parks, there are also fourteen hunting areas with over 500 km of upkept trails. Hunting is open from December to May in strict com- pliance with the Convention on the protection of endangered species.CULTURAL TOURISMCameroon is a mosaic of nearly 250 ethnic groups with different customs and traditions. The tourist can thus enjoy the diversity present in the traditional architecture, folklore, religion, coo- king, crafts etc. The historical heritage is rich with monuments and vestiges of the triple colonial legacy of German, French and English.MOUNTAIN TOURISMThe western mountain range offers a suitable cul- tural environment with Mount Cameroon which has over 4070 m, Mount Manenguba at the junction between the Littoral and South West and the Dschang Climatic Centre built on a plate tota- ling 1800 m. Adamaoua for its own is endowed with hot springs.It takes place in protected sites and areas like the Korup National Park which harbors plant species of over millions of years of age, the Dja Reserve, World Heritage Site, Mount Cameroon with its very rare flora and the fossil sites of the Mayo-Rey.BUSINESS TOURISMThanks to the quality of reception facilities, inter- national airports, the Palais des congrès, interna- tional hotels, the cities of Yaoundé and Douala every year, host important conferences attended by businessmen and officials from around the world.SPORT TOURISMApart from football that made the reputation of Cameroon, other tourism-related sports exist: fishing sports game in Douala Sea, golf courses in Yaoundé and Tiko, annual footing competing uphills of the Mount Cameroon as well as eques- trian clubs in Yaoundé, Douala and Garoua.FORECASTS OF TOURISM SECTORIn 2010, the tourism industry generated more than CFA 90 billion francs. 572,728 tou- rists were registered by the Ministry of Tourism (MINTOUR).ECOTOURISMLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN265

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