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266LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNThey brought Cameroon CFA 28.64 billion francs in terms of visa fees, CFA 2.66 billion francs in terms of revenues from airports stamps and taxes, and CFA 59.142 billion for other taxes. The estimated share of the tourism industry in the national economy in 2010 was 3%. By 2015, the Ministry of Tourism is planning a mil- lion tourists who bring in Cameroon nearly CFA 129 billion francs. For the same period, it targets the evolution of the contribution of tourism to gross domestic product (GDP) up to 8%,. This is, indeed, a growing sector of great hope.Tourism can greatly contribute to level the balance of payments in Cameroon which is cur- rently in deficit. It is a remarkable source of eco- nomic growth, currency generation, jobs crea- tion. It is also a development enabler (growing number of SMEs) and a driver of foreign direct investment. This is a major activity in World trade. According to the National Statistics Institute (INS), the tourism sector in Cameroon has more than 9,000 companies. These companies generate 60,000 direct jobs, an average of 360,000 indirect jobs. And opportunities manna remains.Tourism covers, in fact, a variety of crafts and activities falling into four broad categories: accommodation, restoration, organization and sale of travel or accommodation and transport. The development of a quality tourism industry will, among other, enable raw materials to be highlighted and exports improved. According to estimates, in 2035 more than CFA 400 billion francs will be generated by 5 million tourists. CFA 250 billion francs in revenue will be derived and visa rights CFA 23 billion francs for airport stamps and about CFA 133 billion francs from taxes and other duties paid by the industry. But these companies must first emerge and offer a quality product tailored to the needs of the times. A greater presence of tour operators on the web is, for example, required.The long boom in Cameroon announced in the tourism industry could finally happen.CAMEROON REGIONS WELCOMES YOUCameroon is Africa in miniature. This reality hits every foreign visitor, and each of Cameroonians themselves. The multiplicity of landscapes, the variety of sights, cultural diversity, wildlife density, richness of ecosystems actually make Cameroon a country with immense tourist potential. The dif- ferent localities of the ten regions are, each in its own way, very welcoming.ADAMAOUACameroon water fountain because all the major rivers of the country have their source in the Adamaoua which is also a very lively connectionTello Falls 45 km from the town of Ngaoundere in the Adamawa Regionbetween the northern and southern parts of the territory. It is a popular tourist area, with forty listed and classified sites: lakes of exceptional beauty, millennia caves, scenic waterfalls, ranches and famous hunting camps.The capital city of Adamaoua, Ngaoundere, which is named after one of the mountains sur- rounding the city, has a tropical and pleasantly fresh sea level climate.SOME SITES TO VISITn The Great Mosque of Ngaoundere, pictu- resque and attractive;n The palace of the Lamidat, conical thatched roof;n The hotel and Tourism school of Cameroon;n Lake Tizon, circular crater lake;n The falls of Vina, 15 km from Ngaoundere;n The great cliff 45 km from Ngaoundere on the road to Garoua;n The caves of Nyem Nyem located atop Mount Djim, 65 km from Ngaoundere;

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