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CENTREThe Centre Province is the seat of institutions of Cameroon's capital Yaoundé. Perhaps this is why it concentrates many hotel facilities including some lis- ted to five stars, academic institutions, modern roads and rail transport facilities, an international airport. The Centre province is also rich in many tourist sites, some are particularly recommended for the visitor:n The Benedictine museum in Mont Febe Yaoundé,n The rock of Vimli 7 km from Mbalmayon Ebogo tourist site 12 km from Mbalmayon Luna Park, playful site at Obala, 40 km from Yaoundé,n The fall of Ngo-Ngock Lipo, located on Ngong River 11 km Eseka,EASTKnown for its rich forest species and natural reserves, the sun rising Region of which the capi- tal city is Bertoua is a popular destination for tou- rism and cynegetic tourism and deeper discovery of Cameroon.n The traveler will have pleasant surprises:n Mount Bandi composed of three peaks,n Lokebe lake in Moloundou where wild animal come to drinkn The gold mines of Kambelé and Bétaré Oya, n The Dja Wildlife Reserve in the borough ofMessamena,n Mali falls, 7 km from Ndokayo, resort housing a ranch,EXTREME - NORTHThe Region of the Far - North is known for its picturesque nature. It remains, at all times, one of the favorite destinations in Cameroon, with its woodland, its houses in form of shells and its comfortable hotels. Many attractions draw special attention:n The Waza National Park created in 1934, the largest wildlife reserve in francophone Africa, where elephants, giraffes, lions, but also many species of rare birds can be foundn Ondjila village, surrounded by a three centu- ries old gaten The Maroua market (capital of the Far North region) where you can buy handbags out of crocodile skin, decorated ostrich eggs belts out of snakeskin etc ...n Kirdi countries on the mountains, and Rhumsiki village with its admirable decorn The city of Mokolo where you can discover the iron civilization with senior primitive stovesn The town of Mora, very pleasing and appre- ciated stopLITTORALDouala, capital of the Littoral Region is the largest city in Cameroon, but also a business city, with its port, its international airport and its plants. It is the economic lung of Cameroon.The littoral Region is generally a reflection of its capital, a region where business is booming. That's why it totals 35% of Cameroon's hotel portfolio.A particularly rich fauna with 409 different species of mammalsLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN267

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