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268LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNHowever, visitors can combine business with pleasure thanks to the many leisure possibilities:n The German bridge on Edea Sanaga, built in 1903,n The hydroelectric dam in Edea and ALUCAM and SOCATRAL factories,n Mount Koupe, top 2050 mn The Marienberg Catholic mission in Mouanko Sub division with its old German school built in 1890,n The plantations of coffee and bananas in the departments of Mungo and Nkamn The Museum of Prince Dika Akwa Douala, NORTHThe visitor who arrives in the Northern Region cannot fail to admire the fantasia show. It is one of the attractions of this part of Cameroon whose capital is Garoua. The magnificent bridge on the Benoue, the great mosque, the Lamidat and mul- tiple hotels make this city a quiet tourist complex. There are also other sites in the Northern Province.The following can me mentioned:n The Lagdo damn The famous sultanate of Rey Bouba,n The National Park of the Benoue at very woo- ded banks where monkeys, hippos, croco- diles etc Pitoa Market ,NORTH - WESTThe northern Region is open to the future, without sacrificing its past, its traditions. Bamenda, the provincial capital is a seductive city, divided into two parts: on the one hand, the high city on the hill, administrative and residential city, on the other hand the lower city, in the commercial and popular valley.Traditional leaders are keepers of the commit- ment of the North West Region to its past with feudal palaces.A tourist may want to visit:n The craft center of Bamendan The "Ring Road" that winds through the moun- tains,n The breathtaking scenery of the Menchum and Donga- Mantung,n Ndu, famous across the world for its tea, n Crater lakes,WESTThe western Region has huge tourism potentiation that is highly valued: natural sites, traditional lea- dership, wealth of landscapes, hotel capacity, handicrafts.Its Headquarter, Bafoussam is also a large com- mercial crossroads between the Centre, Littoral and West. The Noun division and especially the bamoun Sultanate is one of the main tourist attractions.A view of the beach in Kribi in South Region at night fall

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