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The traveler may visit among other sites:n The col Batié,n The traditional Bandjoun chiefdom,n The tourist center of Dschang,n The Mami Wata fall in Fongo Tongo,n The Royal Palace of the Bamoun Sultan in Foumban and its museum,SOUTHThe South Region is characterized by its huge seaside tourism capacity. The sandy beaches of Kribi, on the Atlantic Ocean are an ideal natural setting where any passing tourist in Cameroon cannot afford to miss to share the exquisite joy in the shade of coconut trees.It is also no coincidence that the delegation of the provincial tourism for the South is in Kribi and not Ebolowa which is the capital of this Region. In Kribi in fact, everything is pleasure. Everything invites to relaxation: the Londji beaches, the Lobe Falls, the discovery of pygmies village...The paved road Douala Edea-Kribi facilitates the access to the seaside city and strengthens its natural tourism. In addition to Kribi, the South has other sites that deserve special attention:n Ebolowa, capital city of the Region, is a German town where Martin Paul Samba, figurehead of the resistance against the German colonization was buried.n The rock of Mezesse near Sangméliman Lolodorf: This is a picturesque town on top of a hill chosen by the Germans to be the Headquarters of an administrative district, which has become a subdivision todayn The teacher training School of Foulassi near Sangmélima, were the national anthem of Cameroon was composedn The Natural Tunnel "Mbil Bekon" of Nkoetye SOUTH - WESTMount Cameroon, from its height of 4095 m, sits near the Atlantic Ocean, which is not far away. It is the main attraction of the Southwest. Seismic activities have been observed by scientists from many countries worldwide.Other sites offer visitors opportunities for rewar- ding walks:n The Korup National Park, a place of rendez- vous for all those studying natural sciences because it has more 400 species of trees, 300 species of birds that cannot be found anywhere else,n The jungle village: a natural amphitheater of 4000 seats outside Limbe Botanic Gardenn The Limbe Zoon Buea site, headquarter; of the South West Region with German rehabilitated PalaceAn original view of Mount Cameroon located in the South-West Region, which rises to over 4095 metersLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN269

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