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271Building and Public WorkINTRODUCTIONThe construction sub-sector experienced a considera- ble recovery of activity after Cameroon had reached the completion point of the HIPC initiative and subse- quent reduction of external debt in the country. Thus, the government has subtantial financial resources to launch major projects and generate both growth and employment. In 2014, the public buildings and works sub-sector grew by 10.8% and counted for 3.2% in the GDP ; its contribution towards growth then, was 0.3 point. Work in the sub-secctor focu- sed on road construction, maintenance and protec- tion of road infrastructure and, monitoring the execu- tion of work for the construction of public buildings and structures in accordance with the standards.The strategic objectives of road works include pas- sing by 2020 the proportion of asphalted roads at 17% and those in good condition at 55% through the maintenance and protection of the existing road network.BUILDING SECTORVarious actions carried out include: the supervi- sion and technical inspection of public buildings and structures in accordance with established building standards; the promotion of access to building sites of local materials.In 2015, the construction work in the process of being executed target among others:• School and university infrastructures;• Sports stadiums as in Bafoussam where the works are near completion and Limbe where there were only access lanes to be made;• Social housing.As for the major projects in particular, their pro-gress was the following at the end of 2015:• The Kribi industrial port complex: phase I completed; access lanes built and landscape management for the ressetlement of populations still in progress; clearing work of the Kribi-Lolabe motorway route started;• The Memve’ele Hydroelectric Dam: Phase II of the Ntem division was successfully carried out. The main floods sluice set up at 100%. The struc- ture of the intake channel was built at 81% and the hunting canal tunnel platform of the off-take structure at 99%.the preparatory work for the construction of the hydroelectric plant were 65% made. On the 30th June, the overall implementa- tion level of the main structures was 70%. Completion is scheduled for 2017.LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN

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