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272School and university infrastructures under construction are multiplying• The Lom-Pangar Dam: Late June 2015, the overall rate of work completion was about 97.5%. The tank site clean-up work started. Partial impoundment is effective since the 26th September 2015 and commissioning of the power plant at toe of dam scheduled in September 2017.• The Mekin Dam: Compaction work on the main dyke is 90% complete. At the end of 2015, the overall level in the execution of the main structures was 60%.• The second bridge over the Wouri River: The works on phase I were 40% performed; they include: the boom, laying the foundation bored piles and earthworks on the access road, Deido side. The project however, should be subject to structural rearrangements to take into account the setting up of new heavy industries.• The Yaounde-Douala Motorway: works on phase I have started. The site is presented as fol- lows: the development of access roads is perfor- med on about 20 kilometres; brushing and defo- restation with uprooting are completed over the first 20 km.ROAD INFRASTRUCTUREIn 2014, works focused on: the construction of section 1 of the Foumban-Tibati and Foumban- Mankim roads (17 km); Bamenda- Batibo-Numba-Bachuo-Akagbe-Mamfe-Ekok road (83km); Ndop-Kumbo road (60.5 km); Nkolessong-Nding and Nding-Mbgaba, Zoetele-Nkolyop, Djoum-Mintom (30 km); rehabilitation of the Yaounde-Bafoussam- Bamenda road (103 km out of 370), Yaounde-Mbalmayo-Ebolowa road (64 km out of 170) and Ngaoudere-Garoua as part of the Special Emergency Programme, and that of the roads Ngaoundere-Mbe-Garoua, Figuil-Magada (72 km); making of the roads Numba-Bachouo-Akagbe, Garoua Boulai-Nandeke.The maintenance work on the national road net- work made in 2014 and funded by the Road Fund cover 8,500 km of dirt roads, nearly 87%LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN

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