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273completed, 2,500 km of paved roads, and 2,800 km of rural roads with respective comple- tion rates of 96 and 75%. In the context of decentralization, a 5.2 billion CFA francs transfer to the municipalities has enabled the populationsMany road development works are currently underwayto service 2,000 km of roads through the use of the “himo” (labour-intensive) technique.Operations aimed at protecting the national road asset were strengthened with the systematic mul- tiplication of control of axle loads on paved roads, after the purchase of mobile axle wei- ghing powered by solar rays, modernization of weighing stations through their connection to the optical fibre and, restoration and improvement in the management of rain gates on the roads.On the 30th June 2015, progress levels in the construction of road infrastructures appear as fol- lows:• The second share of the road Bachuo-Akagbe- Mamfe-Ekok , 75% performed;• The construction of the slip road Nkolessong- Nding (55%), the road Obala-Batchenga- Bouam;• The construction of Zoetele-Nkolyop road (83.8%)• The construction of the road Sangmelima- Bikoula, Bikoula-Djoum, Djoum-Mintom-Congo frontier, nearly 60% completed;• The construction of Foumban-Tibati road of which the work on the N0 1 share, Foumban- Manki, is 86% performed;• The construction of the section Ndop-Kumbo, part of the Ring Road, is 97.8% performed;Divers actions are carried out to improve access to local building materialsLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN

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