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274LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNMinistry of Public WorksThe Ministry of Public Works main’s mission is to contribute to the development of all components of the Cameroonian society. The responsibility for constructing infrastructures, public buildings, as well as the development and road maintenance fall within the scope of its activities. ...BASIS FOR DEVELOPMENTBy virtue of its missions, the Ministry of Public Works (MINTP) appears as a front-line player in the process of Cameroon’s development, as its action is a formative factor. Therefore, MINTP is responsible for:• Working out the maintenance and repairs work policy of infrastructures, public buildings and roads;• Carrying out all necessary studies for the adap- tation to local ecosystems of these infrastructures, in conjunction with the Ministry of Scientific Research, research or teaching institutions and any other relevant agencies;• Ensuring the promotion of infrastructures, public buildings and roads, in conjunction with the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development;• Controlling the execution of construction works of infrastructures and public buildings in accor- dance with the standards set out;• Assisting in the construction and maintenance of roads, including urban roads, in conjunction with the relevant ministerial departments and agencies;• Monitoring the activities of the Civil Engineers and Public Works Engineers’ organizations;• Training the personnel of Public Works, in col- laboration with the relevant ministerial depart- ments.BUILDING THE EMERGENCEIn accordance with the Vision which aims at making Cameroon an Emerging countries by 2035, the Growth and Employment Strategy Paper (GESP), which was adopted by the Government in2009 placed the infrastructures at the centre of economic, social and cultural development of the Nation by 2020.To achieve the main objectives of the GESP, the sectoral strategy of public buildings and works sector (BTP) approved in 2005, and which focu- sed on the maintenance of the existing network road, was redesigned after the adoption GESP in its main actions to be conform with the new challenges. Thus, to reduce the gap between supply and demand in infrastructures, objectives are presented as follows:ROAD SUB-SECTORIn this area, they intend by 2020, to increase the proportion of paved roads from 10% in 2009 to at 17%, and increase the share of the existing network in good condition at 55% against 12% in 2009. Concretely, thereis a need to :• Bring up, by asphalting 350 km every year, the linear length of surfaced network from 5250 km to 8500 km between 2009 and 2020;• Restore 200 km of paved roads each year. CONSTRUCTION SUB-SECTORSpecific objectives here are:• Promoting the standards of professional practice in the sector, in particular by strengthe- ning the role and capacity of the project management;• Improving the organization of the sector by strengthening the capacity of the project mana- gement in operations management and the esta- blishment of an effective control system;• Promoting the use of local materials in the construction of public buildings, through carrying out of concrete projects and creating craft centres;

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