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• Increasing the production capacity of materials through the diversification, promotion of competi- tion, compliance techniques and reduced prices;• Controlling the quantitative and qualitative materials by the gradual establishment of a car- tography of local materials in all regions of Cameroon.OTHER INFRASTRUCTURESOperations here focus on:• The supervision and technical inspection of the construction and maintenance of rail, port, air- port, energy and environmental infrastructures; and public buildings;• Technical studies, particularly in the stewards- hip of energy, rail, airport and river infrastruc- tures.It ensues from this a few priorities on the road net- work adopted by the GESP. Those are:• Regional corridors (Trans African, north-south corridors, CEMAC network);• The trunk roads network;• The large support infrastructure projects of thesector;• The large industrial and agricultural projects.520 KM OF ROADS MADEIn terms of the stated missions and priorities on the road network, the strategic framework of MINTP’s programmes revolves around new constructions, rehabilitations and technical stu- dies. We notice, from the assessment made of the triennium 2013-2015 achievements, that theMinistry of Public Works is more than ever at work on the building site of the Greater Achievements dear to the President of the Republic.In fact, the assessment of the implementation of the first Programme Budget triennium indicates a clear improvement in the fulfilment of the activities planned. Overall, the budget implementation rate of the Public Investment Budget (PIB) exclu- ding external financing increased from 52% in 2013 to 93% in 2014. It was projected 96% in 2015. The recorded physical performance was 64% in 2013, 94% in 2014, with a projection of 95% in 2015.Regarding the construction of roads and infra- structures during the period under review, it is noted that various construction projects have been completed. Examples: The feeder road of Kribi deep water port long 20.9 km and a cost of 23.8 billion CFA francs; and the Bamenda- Batibo-Numba road(linear length: 64 km, cost: 40.1 billion FCFA, and Zoetele-Nkolyop road (linear length: 27,5 km, cost:17.9 billion CFA francs). In total, the linear length roads that were built over the period 2013- 2015 is 520 km. On another level, many reha- bilitation projects were brought to completion. Overall, 300 km of roads were restored in 2013-2015.One should equally point out the activities of the Program of technical studies of infrastructures, a program which aims at improving the quality of studies in order to optimize the cost and quality of infrastructure projects. Activities carried out include: > > >The Ministry of Public Works visiting the Yaounde-Douala motorway building siteLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN275

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