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276• The continuing implementation of a set of tech- nical road and engineering structures studies tar- geting about 3000 km of roads, with the fulfil- ment of a detailed control of engineering struc- tures on the classified priority network; and phase I of the construction of the Yaoundé-Douala Motorway, the validation of a detailed design and special technical conditions;• The geotechnical supervision of road services by LABOGENIE and control of civil engineering materials as well as the support to the implemen- tation of testing boards by MATGENIE;• The alignment of the infrastructure sector with a new technical governance around the State’s Engineer;• The development of specifications for technical negotiations conducting as regards rail and port concession contracts of the iron mining project of Mbalam and the iron ore terminal of the port complex in Kribi, etc.OUTLOOK: MORE ROADSMINTP’s roadmap of 2016 is quite heavy. Therefore, the Ministry is considering: The conti- nuation of the current actions in the light of imple- mentation of the tasks assigned to the public buil- dings works sector by the GESP and revealed in the new organizational structure; the implementa- tion of the road chapter of the Three-year Emergency Plan (PLANUT); upgrading of long-dis- tance infrastructure as part of the African Cups of Nations (ACN) 2016 and 2019. Thus, it will be particularly for the construction and maintenance programmes of roads and other infrastructure, to start or pursue a number of structural works:A view of the construction work of a second bridge on River Wouri• New constructions within the framework of road projects whose work are underway in 2016;• Constructions within the framework of road pro- jects whose work are to begin in 2016;• Road rehabilitation projects.Emphasis will also be on promoting the use of stabilizer-based products for the maintenance of dirt roads. It will also be the increase of opening up of the production basins through a program for the asphalting of secondary roads under state control. To this end, it was envisaged to set up a pilot program with the purchase of preliminary equipment and the definition of dedicated per- sonnel’s training curriculum vitae.As regards technical studies of infrastructures, MINTP will lay particular emphasis on actions aiming at improving the quality of work and redu- cing the costs in road sector and others infrastruc- ture, through the fulfilment a good part of studies state’s control. The main activities of the program will consist of:• The carrying out of railway feasibility studies on the sections Kribi-Edea, Douala-Limbe, Douala- Ngaoundere and Ngaoundere-Kousseri;• Supervision of infrastructure studies and work of other contracting authorities, etc.The institutional strengthening measures of which effectiveness of MINTP’s actions depend on and the sustainability of expected results will also continue. In this register, it will include in particu- lar: geotechnical supervision of road services; Control of civil engineering equipment; and construction of the headquarters building of the Ministry of Public Works.LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN

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