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277The satisfactory implementation of projects pro- posed will lead to the following results:• Program for roads and other infrastructure construction:• 200 km of newly asphalted main roads;• 100 km of surface dressing asphalted ruralroads;• 90% completion of construction work of the second bridge over the Wouri.• Program for roads and other infrastructure main- tenance:• 30 km of rehabilitated main roads and 20 km of rural roads;• 6500 km of priority main dirt roads, 700 km of surfaced roads and 3,000 km of priority rural roads were all maintained.• Program for technical studies infrastructure car- rying out:• Reports on the detailed design of rehabilitation studies for the trunk roads N03 (Yaoundé-Douala) and N0 7 (Edea-Kribi);• Reports on summary design of studies for the rehabilitation of various roads;Reports on the feasibility studies of priority itine- rary of the national railway master plan.The Governance and Institutional Support pro- gramme for the Public Works sector, on its own, foresees for 2016, to achieve the following results:• The further consolidation of the salary data- base of the personnel receiving a pay out of MINTP’s budget;• Development and adoption of human resources management manual and popularization of a procedures manual on road maintenance;• Implementation of an information system of MINTP’s performance.IMPLEMENTATION OF THE EMERGENCY PLANIn terms of the firm stage of PLANUT, works were planned in five sections corresponding to 7 batches of a total of 356 km linear length costing more than 192 billion CFA francs. Five other sec- tions will need about nine more months of further studies for actual start of work in 2017.On the whole, the linear length of roads to be asphalted during the firm stage of the program is estimated at 682 km. Which would make up the delay in recent years in achieving the goals of the GESP (350 kilometers of asphalted roads per year).Regarding ANCs preparation, road projects to achieve focus primarily on the rehabilitation of trunk roads and bridges. In total, the execution in 2016 of envisaged projects should lead to unde- niable improvement (densification and trafficabi- lity) of the national road network.At MINTP, we are convinced that it is important to invest in a structured network whose spill-over effects will impact people’s lives. Hence the essential need to have an asphalted main net- work, in good condition and capable to with- stand the traffic expected as a result economic growth that would have been generated.Another matter of substantial importance is the need to open up production areas, so that peo- ple in remote areas of the country would find their way about the progress achieved, through the access of rural produce to marketing centres, for example. In this respect, the Ministry of Public Works wants to give a new impetus to the ope- ning up of production areas by setting up a state- managed road construction project, through a dedicated program. By strengthening its in-house response capability, the Ministry should better control the first damage noticed on the structures to prevent their premature deterioration.Finally, as any sector of the public services that aspires to be successful and in the quest for modernity, MINTP intends to shorten its hand- ling time of various services provided to other public services, community, users and private sector partners. To this end, an updated manual on road maintenance came to being.Two topics are broached therein including the refocusing of the magazine as well as a close monitoring of projects through a dashboard on each project. nRoad construction work for the opening up of the West agricultural basinLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN

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