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278CIVIL ENGINEERINGPO;BOX. 2063 - YAOUNDÉTel. (237) 222 01 09 66 Fax. (237) 222 22 31 10Matgenie2006@yahoo.frNATIONAL CIVIL ENGINEERING POOL – MATGENIECreated in 1967, the National Civil Engineering Pool (MATGENIE) is an industrial and commercial public body. Its missions include the purchase, maintenance, renewal and renting of civil engineering machines. Stronger with a wealth of experience, she can undertake and carry out works...MATGENIE ON ALL FRONTSHaving more than 150 civil engineering machines in good functioning order and of all types to date, the National Civil Engineering Pool has succeeded making her way back among the leading enterprises in road making and maintenance in Cameroon. Year after year, the company has been faithfully fulfilling its com- mitment in accordance with the specifications confided her by the Government.The enterprise currently takes advantage of its sta- tus as “public capital company, with State as only shareholder” to mark even more the entire national territory through its 10 regional branchesequipped with civil engineering machines as much in quantity and quality. One should equally point out 2 MATGENIE sites at Akonolinga (Centre Region), already functioning, and Kribi (South Region), still in the pipeline.HUMAN AND TECHNICAL POTENTIALThe new MATGENIE is also about 2 operational training centres for mechanics in Douala, and dri- vers in Yaounde. This potential, both human and technical should enable MATGENIE to be up to her tasks including getting access directly or indi- rectly to the execution of works on the field.LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNA MATGENIE’s earthmoving equipment in action

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