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Through this package of measures, MATGENIE now works with state or private structures via part- nership agreements. For the ongoing session, we can mention the agreement that sanctions theThe National Civil Engineering Pool’s fleetaccompaniment of the National Civic Agency for Participation to Development in carrying out development work for agricultural land in the 10 Regions of Cameroon. Another agreement links MATGENIE to the Ministry of Transport and, the latter makes MATGENIE the maintenance service provider for the equipment meant for the removal of scrap vehicles on the trunk roads across the country; it equally trains the staffs appointed to the task and takes part, if necessary in the effec- tiveness of the removal of the wrecks.MATGENIE was also chosen by the Ministry of Lands, Survey and State Property (MINDCAF) for the landscaping of the new administrative centre at Etoudi, in the capital city Yaounde.ENLARGED MISSIONSAll these interventions in various forms of MATGE- NIE do not take her away from the primary mis- sions consisting of the renting of civil engineering machines, certification of prototypes and isolated types and other technical visits for imported second hand vehicles and machines.That’s the lane the enterprise has been following since 2007, when she was rehabilitated.The lane even received better markers since April 7, 2015 with a decree by the President of the Republic that enlarges MATGENIE’s missions such that now, it can intervene in all areas inclu- ding roads, dams, motorway, etc nMr NIWA LONG OTHON, the Managing Director during a working meetingLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN279

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