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Ministry of TradeThe Ministry of Trade, is responsible for the development, implementation and evaluation of Government’s policy in the area of trade. It plays a leading role as a tool for growth and job creation...DEVELOPING EXPORTSThe Ministry of Trade (MINCOMMERCE), whose action directly affects people's lives and an important part of national economic activity, largely gets involved within the framework of two programmes: The Export Enhancement Programme and the Programme for the Regulation of the Internal Market. To which we must add a governance and institutional support programme. The Ministry's actions on the field for 2015 took place within the scope of these spe- cific programmes.Thus, in exports development, they had to carry out all planned activities, and capitalize, for the interest of Cameroonian products, any opportuni- ties for the access to the developed countries markets; to lay the foundation of a breakthrough of these products on the emerging countries mar- kets so as to foster their movement within the sub- region or the continent.Regarding the consolidation of Cameroonian products on traditional markets, one of the high- lights has been Cameroon's successful participa- tion in the Universal Exhibition in Milan (Italy), the “Expo Milano 2015” held from 1st May to 31st October. One should recall the three high points that marked the presence of Cameroon in that economic meeting of utmost importance:• The National Day of Cameroon, held on July 7, during which the country presented the oppor- tunities of its cocoa industry in full revitalization, as well as other growth sectors like Moringa, cof- fee, Penja pepper, Oku white honey, tea, choco- late, fruit jam, art objects, etc.• A Cameroon/ Italy Business Forum, held July 9 and the participation of more than 300 econo- mic operators of both countries as well;• A Cameroonian Agriculture Day, held on 10 July in Parma.As immediate spin-offs of the “Expo Milano”, two cooperation agreements were signed: one withthe Chamber of Commerce of Cameroon and that of Milan, on the development and strengthe- ning of commercial and economic relations, and the other, with the Chamber of Agriculture and the Italian company Nove Business Consulting for the establishment of business incubators in Cameroon.By extension, a mission of the coffee industry businessmen has stayed in Trieste (Italy) in September 2015, and resulted in the signing of an important contract of Cameroon Arabica cof- fee by one of the most important Italian traders.Still on the desire to assert the presence of Cameroonian products on the most competitive markets, operations were carried out with a view to ensuring compliance of the Cameroonian cocoa with the demands and standards in the International Market. Therefore, 2500 (two thou- sand five hundred) dryers have been identified and characterized. Thereafter, the work of the first phase for the rehabilitation of 1,122 driers was launched in October, in the Meme and Fako divisions (South-West).ASSERTING ONESELFON THE EMERGING MARKETSIn this regard, an exploratory mission jointly conducted by the MINCOMMERCE and the Ministry of External Relations travelled to Moscow (Russia) from 15 to 19 September 2015 in order to prepare for the Cameroonian Trade Days in Russia . As for enlarging Cameroonian market shares in Central Africa and the rest of the conti- nent, the mobilization momentum set in motion in recent years has once again was characterized by the holding on 25 June to July 5 at Kye-Ossi (South), of the 6th edition of theCEMAC Cross-Border Fair (FOTRAC). Besides mobilizing delegations from Chad, the Central African Republic, Congo, Cameroon and Gabon, the event saw the participation of Togo, a West African country. > > >LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN283

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