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284LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNIn the process, strong actions were taken in order to increase trade with neighboring Nigeria. Apart from the now regular participation of Cameroon in the Lagos International Fair, held from 6 to 15November, it is important to point out the talks initiated with the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control, in the prospects of the harmonization of product standards with the Standards and Quality Agency (ANOR).The lines of business selected are: building mate- rials, agribusiness, services, textiles and clothing trade, mining, agriculture and cosmetics. Still with a view of developing intra-community and intra-regional trading, all measures have been taken to enable the regional and local authorities concerned to continue providing project mana- gement for the construction of the Border Market in Doumo, North Region.DOMESTIC MARKET REGULATIONIn this context, the relevant departments of the Ministry of Trade, in collaboration with various partners, at least for some of them, have applied themselves in fighting illicit trade practices, impro- ving the structuring of the distribution of consumer products, promoting the consumption of local products and ensuring fairness in commercial transactions.Concerning the fight against illicit practices, the effect of the intensification of screening opera- tions was both a regularity and greater territorial coverage of raids carried out by the Brigades of fraud control. 48,867 violations were identified and punished. Another example is the seizure of100 tons of smuggled chicken and giblets, refi- ned vegetable oils not conforming to the Cameroonian standard, unstamped alcoholic beverages besides food, cosmetic and pharma- ceutical products unsuitable for consumption.we should mention on the same point, the daily battles won against the siphoning of domestic gas, cement repackaging and the use in trade of prohibited measuring instruments.IMPROVING DISTRIBUTION CHANNELSA decentralized approach activity, the improvement of distribution channels was carried out through the transfer of funds to the municipalities for the construction of 30 periodic markets, 11 of which were already operational early 2016. Among other things, promotional sales of consumer goods allowed to sell more than 700 tons of crude palm oil produced using traditional methods. As for, the promotion of the consumption of local products, it was carried out through various events including “Festicoffee”, “Festicacao” ...BUSINESS ACTIVITY: A REVOLUTIONARY ACTThe end of 2015 was marked by the entry into force of a new law now governing commercial activity in Cameroon. Promulgated on 21 December by the President of the Republic, it sets new dynamic and modern rules. For example, the new law conducts the internalization of OHADA Acts, as regards in particular, the system of foreign companies branches and individuals; the status of the person involved in entrepreneur- ship, the obligation, for any trader to hold a regu- lar accounting profitability, etc.Fight against high cost of living

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