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Furthermore, the law places distribution activity after imports and exports in order to better struc- ture the distribution channels, on the one hand, with wholesale distribution and retail trade. To be more precise, the trader exercising at the same time the wholesale distribution and retail shall henceforth, for transparency purposes, be under an obligation to separate the premises for each of these activities, and keep separate accounts.Regarding the prices of goods and tariffs for ser- vices, the principle of freedom of determination by the working of fair competition on the market was reaffirmed, as well as its exceptional arrangements for certain sensitive products including staples or from monopolies, whose pricing is subject to the special approval process. In the end, the new mechanism better protect consumers against illicit, misleading and aggressive commercial practices. Not only it has the merit of defining exactly the vio- lations relative to commercial activity, but in addi- tion, the law lays down the terms of their recogni- tion by sworn civil servants and agents.In the end, the law of December 2015 enables to better regulate the national market for goods and services, in order, firstly, to stimulate produc- tion activities, and, secondly, to satisfy consumer needs both in terms of the availability and quality of products, and the prices.BRIGHT PROSPECTSIt is with an untroubled enthusiasm that the MIN- COMMERCE started 2016, which has shown to be very promising and of good prospects, accor- ding to the roadmap of the Civil Service for the year. First, the Department intends, based on the Growth and Employment Strategy Paper (GESP) with all stakeholders at national level, to continue working towards attaining the emergence.Improving distribution channelsThis, based on the triptych “Regional Integration – North/South Cooperation - Trade with the emerging countries.In the context of strengthening regional integra- tion, it will be about working on the increase or at least consolidating Cameroon’s market shares in the ECCAS and the rest of the continent.On its part, the development of trade flows with the Northern countries should, along with conquering new other markets, start with the dematerialization of the list of importers/expor- ters. Promoting trade with emerging countries will further continue.As with the regulation of the Internal Market, which is offered in various activities, including the construction of 21 infrastructures for market pur- pose. New facilities located throughout the natio- nal territory should help render the distribution of consumer products easier. The organization of fair events to promote the consumption of local products is also part of the activities planned by the Ministry for 2016.FIGHT AGAINST HIGH COST OF LIVINGThe fight against high cost of living in all its forms, including its repressive part, will certainly become noteworthy with the operationalization at sub-divisions level, of the 169 control brigades freshly equipped with personnel in the recent few months. Furthermore, trying to get the measure in business transactions and to preserve national road assets will be effective thanks to the pur- chase of a standard truck.Finally, carrying out the Governance and institutio- nal support programme, mainly cross-disciplinary, which contributes largely to the achievement of out- comes targeted by other programmes of the Ministry of Trade nLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN285

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