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286ADMINISTRATIONP.O Box 6170 - YAOUNDÉTel. (237) 222 086 498 Fax. (237) 222 203 929E-mail: www.antic.cmNATIONAL AGENCY FOR INFORMATIONAND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES – NAICTThe National Agency for Information and Communication Technologies (NAICT) is a public administrative body and a financially independent legal entity placed under the technical supervision of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, and financial supervision of the Ministry of Finance ...SURVEILLANCE OF SAFETYCreated in 2002, ANTIC is responsible for the promotion and monitoring of government’s action on ICTs. This includes the regulation of the Internet. The mission consists in managing the cri- tical resources of the Internet for Cameroon. This is about Internet “.cm” and IP addresses. Besides, the Agency takes care of the surveillance of safety. This enables her, on the one hand, to ensure that an information system has the latest security patches and, on the other hand, to have a watchful eye on the system in order to detect in real time attempted attacks and intrusions, and prompt effective response.Concerning surveillance safety, ANTIC set up a Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT) to carry out preventive and reactive actions for the security of information systems and to deal with security inci- dents occurring in the cyberspace in Cameroon . The CIRT has the responsibility of monitoring the cri- tical ICT’s infrastructures in the national cyberspace, providing responses in real time to computer secu- rity incidents, issuing security bulletins and alerts, raising awareness on cybersecurity, providing assis- tance to users and companies in handling security incidents, developing security referential for infor- mation systems, providing the Security Forces with assistance of the Order on cybercrime investiga- tions, monitoring cybercrime attacks.SECURITY AUDIT OF INFORMATION SYSTEMSANTIC carries out audits of electronic communi- cations networks and information systems open to the public, in particular those of Operators and Providers of telecommunications services, banks and, by extension and security requirement, those of the public and semi-public administra- tions. These supportive missions aim at ensuring the compliance of their information systems with security standards in this area, identifying and assessing their security risks and holes.ELECTRONIC CERTIFICATIONANTIC guarantees the four aspects of inter- change security on the Internet: identification and authentication of players in electronic transac- tions, data integrity, confidentiality of exchanged data, non-repudiation of messages, transactions or documents.For the implementation of electronic certification, the Government returned to ANTIC, in October 2012, the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), which is able to manage the life cycle of electronic certifi- cates and to offer the four above mentioned secu- rity services. The PKI is a platform for issuing elec- tronic certificates, a sort of national identity card in the virtual world, to enable physical and legal persons to ensure the security of their Transactions and the securing ITs applications deployed for the online services or e-services.LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNANITC’s Managing Director and the Ministry in charge of Supreme State Audit on the signing ceremony

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