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MAJOR ACHIEVEMENTSSince the key leaders of ANTIC were appointed by the President of the Republic in 2006, several major activities have been carried, including the elaboration of the National Strategy for the Development of Information and Communication Technologies Paper and the Implementation Plan for the strategy. The strategy was validated by the Presidency of the Republic in 2007; the elabora- tion of a government website architecture. The technical baseline enables, inter alia, to harmo- nize the architecture and contents of the websites in the Cameroonian Public Administrations; the elaboration of the Drafting Plan of the ICT Masterplan for Public Administrations and Bodies. The elaboration of the draft on the National Strategy for the Development of e- Government in collaboration with the United Nations University. The organization of about ten seminars for popularization and appropriation.Besides, with the National Public Key Infrastructure, ANTIC has secured the e-GUCE platform of the One-Stop-Shop for Foreign Trade and application for the issuance of biometric pas- sports from the DGSN, among others. Securing the Ministry of Public Market's E-Procurement application is underway. ANTIC is working with other structures, such as the CNPS, the Directorate General of Taxes and SONARA, to secure their applications by the PKI.The Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT), which detected about 21,007 vulnerabilities on public administration websites, 1600 alerts and security bulletins, not mentioning the resolution of 63 incidents. The CIRT helps the Security Forces in the treatment of cybercrime investigations. In this context, it has set up a 24-hour a day operationalInvesting in local talentplatform to analyze CAMTEL Internet subscribers' traffic, and used to process requests from Security Services. The CIRT has also developed several other platforms, including the one allowing cyber- cafés to register online and identify their clients, in order to track down and trace cybercriminals for various crimes or abuses; and another one allowing to monitor websites and detect attacks in real time. It has also set up a portal at the address through which users can get in touch with it or download the latest alerts and security patches.Within the framework of cybercrime investiga- tions, ANTIC is often requested by the Security Services for the recovery of erased data, research, collection and analysis of the digital evi- dence contained in various media (PCs, servers, Storage media, telephones and tablets). To do this, the CIRT has a digital evidence analysis labo- ratory. The CIRT has also developed Guides for Good Safety Practices for Children, Youth, Parents and Businesses. To date, nearly 15,000 Guides of Good Safety Practices have been distributed.CONTINUING SECURITYIn 2016, the Agency will continue to carry out the activities initiated in 2015 relating, among others, to securing the national cyberspace; to gover- nance and management of critical Internet resources in Cameroon; to building the technical and managerial capacities of the Agency’s staff and managers; to continuing the awareness cam- paign on cyber security; to carrying out security audits of information systems and the follow-up of the implementation of the recommendations formu- lated during the safety audits carried out in 2015 ; the phasing-in of the four Regional Branches nLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN287

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